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Default why does everybody hate the fx-60???

On almost every forum i have read, i have seen something ripping on fx-60 but the only reason ive ever heard is because of $$$ and the fact that opterons can overclock well. I also hear all of these things that the fx series are the best cpus for gaming and that they should be the overclockers dream because of the unlocked multiplier and the pretty decent stock clock speeds. ive heard things saying that the fx-60 is the best cpu on the market right now and ive also heard things that it is the biggest rip off ever because you can overclock a sempron for much cheaper. there has to be some reason that the fx-60 is so much more expensive, price isnt just based on clock speeds, its also based on the design of the chip, right?

im not really ripping on either cpu and i guess im slightly leaning towards the fx but am not really sure. why does everybody love the opterons so much???

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well, not to judge anyone on this forum. But if they are like me(a poor college student) the fx-60 is just not a feasable idea. Why spend over a grand on just a proccesor. the opteron can easily clock to the speed that it runs at for atleast a third of the price. i mean, my ENTIRE computer costs the same as an fx-60, and i can run most games med to high.

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The graphics card is the component that affects games the most, which is why people concentrate on spending more money on a good GFx card rather than a very expensive CPU, which would only result in a minimal increase in performance.

People love the opterons because they overclock very well without any voltage increase, and run a very nice temps. They also have 2x1mb of cache (opteron 165)
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I dunno for sure, but the spec sheets show that the two families are pretty similar in specs:
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dual core s939 opteron cores are basically identical to the FX-60 (toledo) just at lower clock speeds. not many people can afford an FX-60 and there is no reason to when many processors overclock to its speeds. the cost is for the privelege of the unlocked multiplier. my processor overclocks past FX-60 speeds
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Yea both chips are basically using the same core architecture so the only thing really different is the speeds.
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Another problem with overlocking the FX-60 is that you can't overclock it by much before it starts to get really hot, so the unlockable multiplier doesn't give a hugh OCing advantage. On stock cooling you usually only get 3GHz on stock cooling which is only a .4 GHz increase (and even at that it starts to get hot). If you got some good air cooling you could hit 3.2GHz (and still it is getting near the point where the temps are getting uncomfortable. And if you still have enough money for a water cooling system after spending a grand on the CPU You possibly could hit 3.4 or 3.5.

The 165 could easilly hit 2.6 GHz on stock cooling (a .8 GHz overclock on stock). And if you have a nice HSF you could hit 2.7 or 2.8 or higher. And if you have water cooling and got a lucky cpu you could get 3.0 GHz+ (1.2+ GHz overclock).

I would much rather have a SLI machine and a opty 170 then a single card and a FX-60 (the SLI machine will out perform it easilly). People need to realize that you don't need to spend $500+ to get a CPU for gaming. Even on stock a X2 3800+ plays games fine (single threaded as well).

Most of us don't hate it, we just think it's a waste of money. Heck, you could get a 4800+ (2.4Ghz) for over 400 dollars cheaper.

EDIT: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.c...id=1918&page=4

It also seems to be a very senstive overclocker, the highest they got with it was only 2.88MHz. .28 GHz is not a big OC at all.
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From what I hear its identical to an overclocked opty which is a fraction of the price.
You could probably get a dual processor dual core opty system for that sort of money, its just silly.
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x2 3800+ is single threaded? doesn it use hyperthreading?
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Why would it be hyperthreaded when it has two cores?


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