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Old 06-08-2006, 07:16 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Video Upgrade was a Dud :(

I just spent $285 on a BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GS OC(over-clocked by BFG; comes with lifetime warantee) and I can't believe the crappy frame rates I'm getting. It is a lobotomized 7800 with an AGP interface. I was about to start cursing NVidia, BFG and The Man but then I realized that my system could have a bottleneck somewhere else, right?

Here are my Specs:

Video Card - BFG Tech GeForce 7800 GS OC

CPU - 2.6 GHz Pentium 4 w/Hyper Threading

Memory - 1 GB DDR400 Corsair RAM (I don't remember the model, but supposedly high-performance a few years ago)

Monitor - 19" NEC MultiSync FP912 SB

In Counter-Strike Source I get 25-40 fps most of the time, and 40-60 fps rarely, depending on the area of the map. When things get hairy the frame-rate drops to 15-20 fps.

This is with my resolution at 1024x768 and all the graphics goodies turned down or off! I started out at 1280x1024 with the default advanced video options, but then dropped down. It seems to have made no difference at all. I even tried lowering the monotor's refresh rate to 60 Hz.

So did I get totally scammed and waste my money on a video card that is no good? Do I need a faster CPU? Do I need to scrap the CPU, mobo, and video card and go PCI Express? (In the last case I'd still say I got ripped off buying a new card that is no better than the Radeon 9600 I replaced).

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Your CPU isn't great by any means, but that shouldn't be causing you to get that low of framerate in CS:S

What AA and AF are you running it at in the game?

I run the following:
2x AA
4x AF
Everything else maxed

and I get way better framerates than that, with the exception on the HDR maps where it'll drop into 40's sometimes.

But yeah, if you're replacing a 9600 and not seeing a huge difference then something is wrong and it's not a bottleneck.

There is an ATI tool that makes 100% sure to remove all ATI based video drivers. You should probably use that and make sure to get the latest nvidia drivers from their website, dont use the ones from the disk.

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The Antialiasing is off. I've been using trilinear or bilinear filtering, not anisotropic. I'll try those setting you suggested, but I always thought they were more demanding than my settings now.

I have the latest drivers from NVidia's web site.

I'll try to find that ATI driver removal utility.
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Whats your PSU?

Maybe its not getting enough juice.

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Ya, check your power wattage. (thats a cool word) you should have AT LEAST 400+ watts going, i would suggest 450 or 500.
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Not only that u need like 24A on teh 12v rail in order to run that thing.
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do you have v-sync on? that can make it so your frames never get above 60 fps
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I used Driver Cleaner Pro to remove the NVidia and ATI drivers, then reinstalled the latest NVidia drivers from their website without any noticable improvement.

Today I cracked open the case to check out the PSU. It is an Intel ATX12V and says "+5V&+3.3V COMBINED 220W" and also "Max. Output 420W." So, I'm assuming it is a 420W power supply.

I might open up the case one more time to see what the amperage is on the different "rails." I'm pretty sure that none of them had anywhere near 24A.

I don't know what V-Sync is. I poked around in my Windows display settings and couldn't find V-Sync. I did find something about different timing modes though. I might mess with those setting to see what happens.

Does it seem like my power supply might be holding me back? I remember reading an article talking about the 7800 GS chipset and the fact that they decreased the power consumption compared to the regular 7800 so it would be more easily compatible with older systems. I thought I was in the clear.
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Ok it's your power supply for sure. Dump that thing, get yourself a good Enermax or Antec and you'll be getting much better frames.

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All right. That is good to know. What is wrong with the one in there now?

I checked the unit I have now and it can handle 18A on the 12V rail. Is there a specific set of wires for 12V and other sets for other voltages, or can I hook it up to any available connection?

What specs should I look for in a new power supply? 450W or more and 24A at 12V ?

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