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Default Upgrading teh PC ;D

Hi,@so far I have a

P4 3.0ghz /w HT socket 478
A OEM Samsung motherboard
1 gig of pc3200 DDR ram 256x4
eVGA 6800gt AGP

I decided to upgrade the ram to 2gigs, either 2x 1gig or 4x 512gig. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions to spend some of my spare change for upgrades.

Some random thoughts I had were (I use this PC for gaming)
Replace the samsung mobo with a overclockable one, replace the cpu fan and gpu fan with good zalmans or whatever and overclock. .

I was wondering, Right now I cant overclock my 6800gt very high, not even to Ultra speeds, and was wondering if it was because of the stock fan, (heat issues) or because of my crap mobo. I know i cant overclock my cpu cause of my mobo, but does a crap mobo affect my gpu's overclockability?.

And also, I was wondering if i DID overclock my 6800gt to high speeds, with my new fan, on the basis that my crap mobo did not affect GPU overclockability, and Ive decided to keep it, would my 3.0ghz P4 bottleneck the 6800gt at ultra (or past) speeds ?

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Your CPU sucks. Build a new PC.

so, umm, err yeah
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Yeah i would say build a new PC. Just sell your exsisting stuff and upgrade to AMD and PCIE16
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Originally posted by 003
Your CPU sucks. Build a new PC.
Why does his CPU suck? Because it's s478?

It would be a good idea to build a new computer, seeing as your motherboard is AGP, and if you only change your motherboard, you'll have to change everything else anyway.
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IMO, i think that cpu is just fine, if you game... then you don't need some beastly cpu.. unless your going to be doing other crap in the background while playing.... buy ya... agp is crap... so a new mobo would be good.. i say stick to the cpu you have now, just get a mobo with pci-e x16... and buy a better video card.... so a better cpu would give you like a 5 fps difference... woop de friggin do!
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socket 478... not much "upgrading" you can do with that.. just keep it till you get enough money, then sell this rig, and start from scratch.. nothing you have can carry over to a new build.. even the ram since its 4X256.. so don't waste money on upgrading it, get your use out of it, sell it, and build new.

gettinga new socket 478 mobo is a total waste of money.

i don't see the need to upgrade anytime soon... you've got like another year and you're still lookin good with that rig.

save money, buy new comp altogether..late 2006 or early 2007. if you don't have enough for high end by then, the high end today will be a lot cheaper by then.. (new cpus from both amd and intel will be out by then.. and same logic for vid cards..)
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Ya...what about the ram? Is a 2gig upgrade gonna help? Cause I plan to do a complete overhaul in 2-3years, and got some spare cash right now, so was thinking of getting 2 gig of ram for FEAR and BF2 (two games I enjoy) and maybe a new Zalman gpu fan to cranck up some AA on FEAR. What you guys think? Any answers on whether my mobo is the problem to my crap GPU overclocks? Cause if it is, I might as well buy 2gigs and leave it at that, instead of getting another 478mobo like u guys said I shuldnt. So ya...didnt get any questions answered, but thx for the advice lol.

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