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Default Upgrading with a 3.0 P4 HT??

So im looking to upgrade my computer. I want to know if i should....
A) keep my 3.0 P4 HT (socket 478) and just get a new mobo and maybe ram
B) completly get a new system (new processor and mobo)

I dont know what direction technology is going and i want to have a good bang for my buck...
I mean i understand dual core cpu's will be the thing to get in the future...but for right now..and say 1-2 years...what is good?

and also could you suggest a mobo? or maybe certain specs i should get on it...(ie Chipset, ram type, graphics socket, etc)


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do you mean whole new system like with a case, mobo, video, cpu, ram, and everything else you need to buy a computer or just a new CPU and Mobo?

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Because if you're getting a TOTALLY new system (and you're a gamer) then you should go with AMD rather than Intel.
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I know that AMD is far superior in terms of gaming and stuff..but i already have a P4 CPU! and i really dont want to spend more on a processor... I guess my question is what parts should i get if i want to have future expandability while trying to incoperate my P4 if possible. IF POSSIBLE.

O and i already have parts...i just need a new mobo, (although i understand that some mobo's accept only certain types of ram, so i might need some new ram) but i do have a AGP video card already its kinda crapy tho..and ive heard a lot about PCI x16 but thats hard to find for a P4 configuration i think...and im gonna get a new case too...(depending on my mobo of course...)

and also can someone explain the P4 Presott to me? like it has a 478 socket Right? but can it work in all 478 sockets? and also are the prescotts even better? (just for future reference or exansion)
i mean just correct me if im wrong..i know computers..but im not too knowledgeable about hardware...so yea

sorry if i missed anything...but yea..later
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hehehe..ok ok..so im on a $400 budget..i mean i could spend more..but im a college kid and im poor..hehehe..tryin to keep on a budget...ok...so say i gave you 400 bucks to go buy the best computer you could buy... also given that i have 2x256 mb pc3200 (so 512)ram (ill get more ram later) and my P4 and a crapy AGP video card (its 128...but it sux - its ok)....

you could either spend that toward a really good intel based mobo/(maybe ram depending on mobo)/case/video(if i had to)

OR you could get a decent AMD combo..but if i went that route - i would need a completly new system. Meaning case/mobo/(maybe ram depending on mobo)/cpu/video(if i had to)

The part about the video card..like i put CPU and mobo higher in priority than the video card..cuz i have one..even tho it sux..but i can get one later..

AND i kno you classify me as a gamer..but my priority is like overall system performance - so like i would rather have my windows programs run better than my games..

so yea im really debating here and i would really appreciate your input...is $400 not enough???

Thanks in advance
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At this point honestly, your pretty screwed.

There is a solution, but it's not a very good one. Here's the deal.
You wanna use your P4 478, but you need a decent videocard. 99.9% off all 478 mobos are AGP. At this point, you're not going to be able to get a decent AGP video card for less then $350. And for that money you could easily get a MUCH better PCI Express card.

So, how about that other .01% of 478 MOBO's with PCI Express?
Here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...e=11-3331282-2

Not exactly cream of the crop. But, hey it might do? Only it's not available anywhere... lol

So that leaves you to your last choice. Save your 400 and continue to save until you've got about 600 to 800 then pick up a AMD 3200+, DFI Lanparty UT, a 6800GT or 7800GT PCI express card and a new PSU. You're going to need a 24 pin PSU. Ah.. let's say 600 to 650?

Now you've got a gaming CPU and gaming video card, easily overclockable MOBO and enough juice to keep them all going...

? What do you think?
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Tell me...just go off ur gut opinion. in time, will AMD actually give Intel competition FOR REAL LIFE PROGRAMS...ie photoshop...and also dont the new processors for AMD use all the same socket type?(well not all of em) what like 939? or somethin...and if so does that mean if i were to buy a 939 socket board...with in the next couple months..or so..er whenever..could i easily upgrade my processor in like a year???? and even to dual cores? as long as its 939 right???

Honestly i want to switch over to AMD, but i feel like it lacks in areas where id rather have perfomance...

i dunno...i think im just gonna wait..until more info is out about the 64 bits..and also like dual cores...and all this crap..and even software and how it will incorperate dual cores..and AMD..and all that..
i dunno...but thanks man for ur input..

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