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Question Upgrade Build -> Need input =) Thank you!

Well, as the title says I'm upgrading my system a bit.

I currently have a AMD AthlonXP 64 3000+ Venice Core Processor.

My motherboard is starting to become faulty, and my power supply already fried my $400 AGP video card, so due to that, I'm switching to a PCI-e system. And buying basically all new core parts...

I will be buying my parts from Newegg.com as I have had great support and service from them in the past!!

I'm currently stuck between 3 main motherboard choices:

Heres what I'm hoping to upgrade

<> MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum ATX

My reasons for these boards is:

I'm a bit tight on money, and I think they will do all I need.
I have no interests in overclocking, or creating an SLI Video card setting. All I need is pure performance from the stock parts. I might OC a bit here or there in the future, but not buying for that purpose.
Just want the best bang for the mid-level buck...

Power Supply:

I plan on getting a Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-400 400W Power Supply.

Enough power for the video card below?? It says so, but hey... ya never know.

Video Card:
XFX Geforce 7600GT PV-T73G-UDF3 Link (New Egg)

I will be playing World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, and probably other high graphic intensive games in the future, so I hope this video card will pay off.

I expect it to run around $380 dollars with shipping.

What do ya'll think?

I've stared at the choices so much that they all seem to blur to me now so I hope I made the right choices.

Basically everything is in my cart except for the motherboard, which I hope to find a solution to here!! =)

Thank you all again for your support!


Edited: Broken Mobo Comparison Link...

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I understand that this is probably like beating a dead horse, but the main reason for me posting is to help choose the best motherboard out of those three, or perhaps any similar / better models.

And bump ^.~

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what mobo do you have now? how do you know its becoming faulty? maybe its just your power supply again...

as for your mobos.. either the msi or dfi will do well..

powersupply: get this instead... a lot more amps on the 12v rails..


and just out of curiousity.. what $400 card did you fry?
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I currently am running a EPoX EP-9NPAJ.


Its ran quite efficiently, although has been picky about my memory when using Dual-Channel, but swapping around the slots magically made the two sticks work.

One thing that leads me to believe that something is seriously wrong with my motherboard, is that for the longest time that I can remember, no matter how many times I have reinstalled windows, and all the drivers, whenever I disable the on-board NIC, the computer suddenly crashes and reboots. Strange huh?

As far as the card, it was a GeForce FX 6800 Ultra 256DDR3, I had bought it about a year ago. =(

Basically I'm just looking to have a semi-top of the line system again, but without having to shell out far too much cash yet again.

If I'm spending like 100 dollars on a motherboard, I would rather spend maybe 10-20 more and get a great one, then save 10 or 20 and get one that I can't fully trust.


And thank you for your swift reply =)
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