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Old 04-29-2006, 12:50 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Trying to decide if I should upgrade.

Hey guys, got a 7800GT video card atm, very nice card, can run Tomb Raider Legacy on full high settings with 40-50 FPS (with shadows turned off, if shadows are on the thing drops to about 20 FPS, I dont care to mcuh about that) I am planning on buying Oblivion, would a 7900 help alot more to process it since it is suppose to be quite a bit more advanced than TRL? Anyways, thanks for the opinions guys.

Another option is just waiting for the next lineup from ATI and nVidia, the g80 and what ever else ATI brings out, granted they will probably be a **** of a lot more expensive.

Thanks again

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I don't it would be worth upgrading right now. the 7900 GT's are like the 7800 GTX, so its not that much better. I would just wait for the g80's, it should bring down the prices of the current cards, and they shouldn't be that expensive.

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A 7900GTX or a X1900XT would help a lot, yea, but if you're thinking about a 7900GT, while it is the minimum recommendation for High + 1280x1024 on Oblivion, it might not be worth it. See if you can sell you 780GT and then get a X1900XT.
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IF you have the money to pay for another 7900gt, why dont you just buy another 7800gt and use sli?
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Well if you have cash to shell out go for the x1900xt or 7900gtx
sli doesnt sound bad either.but if your poor like me, you should wait and see how it runs on your current setup. Then upgrade, if needed.

ohh and i remember a review that told of a glitch with the x1900xt and 7900gtx (in oblivion) both had the shadows flicker constantly. They just turned off the shadows like you did in tomb raider. But other then them never herd anyone else say a word about that
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ohh and here are some benchmarks
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heh, i got the 6800gt

im fine with bf2... full settings, 4x AA, 1280x1024

or pay 300 more for a new card...

but i would say wait, just cause im like that, as you can see

at least wait for the g80's.... otherwise your just taking babysteps... really expensive baby steps >_<

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I havn't got the game fever, so i'd say wait a few months.
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Stick with your card for now.
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7900 will make a difference in your game

i suggest that you sell your 7800 on ebay or something and go with a 7900gt

your 7800 will run it alright but if you want to save for a little i suggest you get a 7900gtx and eventually SLI it

you may also consider SLIing your current card(keep in mind since your motherboard doesnt run at x32 when in SLI you will only get a quarter of the improvement when you are running 2 cards)

blah blah blah 7900gt>7800gt might not be worth the hassle
7900gtx > all in pricerange

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