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BennyV04988 03-04-2007 01:16 PM

Too Soon to Upgrade?
I'm debating a GTS, a 20.1" LCD, or a C2D/2GB/650i depending how much i can make from selling my parts. I'm working my way towards a "crysis" PC. Is it too soon to buy a DX10 card and a conroe, as prices will be cheaper when it comes out?...

Should I wait to see what AMD comes out with for my AM2, will it be in time?

I'm going to have $600 burning a hole in my pocket in 2 weeks. :p

I don't think my AMD is enough for DX10, and 1GB def isn't, and my monitor's pixel patch is huuuge. I want to slowly and safely upgrade... what should I do?

Sora 03-04-2007 01:21 PM

You know you could always wait for the Athena AMD cpu which will come out in a few months. An X2 3800 overclocked should be able to handle an 8800GTS though. The 7900GT however isnt a bad card either and it'll handle games for a little while longer easy. It all depends on how long you wanrt to wait becuase april 22nd the new C2D will come out as well.

Ronnie 03-04-2007 01:39 PM

get another gig of ram first
and if that isnt enough of an increase for you then, get the gts

Wildside 03-04-2007 07:12 PM

here check this out Benny, maybe this will help u decide on what processor u want to get:

AMD (ATI) Chipset roadmap for 2006-2007:


just wait for the 8600 to come out, if u want to spend cheaper but have DX10 card.

or wait for the R600 cards to come out, ill be waiting for the X2900 XTX.

Phanto 03-04-2007 11:24 PM

Well it would be wise to wait until the others G8 cards comes out and the R600 too, prices would be cheaper even if you don't want to wait, right now you can get a 8800GTS 320mb for $299 with a $20 mail in-rebate. Anyway I should warn you if you are planning playing games at higher resolutions with max settings you should get the 640mb version for not only that but in my opinion the 320mb version is like a "diversion" because when games like Unreal Tournament 3 and Crysis comes out that will be the real test of those DX10 cards.

BennyV04988 03-05-2007 04:31 PM

hmmm... Can I grab a $80 stick of G. Skill to go with my PQI? Will that work if it has the same timings?

I might wait on the graphics, but a "price drop" might be counter productive as I'd be selling my 7900GT KO so i think that depreciates faster than the price drop would.

The monitor would need to be accompanied by the graphics card as a 7900GT KO can't handle 1650x1080 for most of my games.

Anyone have a clue on the Kuma as far as price and speed? Will work with my AM2 board?

Sora 03-05-2007 05:00 PM

Yes you can, and depending on how fast that PQI is you probbaly can even run it on Dual Channel.

Also is your Video card overclocked? I play at 1440x900 on a 7900GS OC to 625/845 with 2 gigs and I can play oblivion at stable rates

EDIT: I moved up from a 15inch to a 19inch widescreen and honestly I would have rather bought speakers, a sound card, and headset becuase evn though it's nice I don't find myself thinking WOW it's so much better than my old little 15 inch..I doubt moving up 1.1 inch will be worth it that much. I would just get the C2D use your 19 inch with 7900GT and it will hold you over fine. Then later on you can look for a better card.

BennyV04988 03-05-2007 05:29 PM

its the widescreen im after, and the smaller pixel patch, not the screen size.

My 7900GT isn't really doing it for Oblivion or Carbon of COD2 etc though, so if I wen't even higher res, i'd need a GTS.

I think I'll get the second stick of ram, and maybe a GTS if someone makes a pass at my 7900GT.

Hopefully a Kuma in july/august when crysis comes out.

Sora 03-05-2007 05:46 PM

You expect to play those games with 1 gig of ram on a 19 inch screen? Lol comon now..oblivion is the biggest memory hog there is probably right now.

I hear you though the 20.1 would be nice I guess but if you get it then you will need the GTS or something like you said.

I would wait untill the 8900GS comes out and then buy a card as the cards now will go down and that should be a pretty fast card for the money.

BennyV04988 03-05-2007 06:43 PM

then a 2nd gig is the plan...for now.

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