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chrispowell 11-26-2005 02:46 AM

Sound Card Or HD555??
Im looking to invest in good sound, i play CS and listen to a ****load of music in my spare time... i was wondering im looking for a good performance diference.. should i get the HD555 or the SoundCard.. keep in mind i only play CS.

RockyZ 11-26-2005 02:53 AM

if you have the money, get both.

If CS is more important then get the HD555, if Music is more important, get the new soundcard and a new set of speakers.

003 11-26-2005 10:08 AM

As in HD555, you are refering to headphones, correct? Get both. Get the X-fi XtremeMusic sound card off newegg for $117, it is an excellent gaming card and it's really good for music too.

chrispowell 11-26-2005 01:12 PM

mmk thabks

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