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Default Some help plz!

I'm currently in the process of information for building a gaming rig for no more than 2,000 bucks tops or very close, less is better but I also what the best! Price should also include a monitor and keyboard and taxes with for me are around 9 1/2 % So about 1600 bucks purely for a gaming rig.

Heres what I have picked so far:



Hard drive:

Power Supply:



Graphics Card:

Operating System:


I really like that case, can that video card fit ast least?

I'm not that much into the sound card, Il just use my old 24 bit cretive baslter one to let the sound processing off the processor.
I im going to use my old dvd drive aswell.

total including all taxes and shipping charges: 2,086.79 bucks

As for the operating system should I just stay with xp? get the 64 bit version of vista? are the games capable of playing under vista or vista 64? My expirence with pc building is mid-level, ive only built 2 pcs one small budget ( 400 bucks w/o graphix card ) and the other the same. thats been about 3 and ahlf years ago, so im not sure the latest! Never one this expensive!

Ive tried alienware but they are rip offs aswell as dells gaming rigs since i can build it way cheaper.

My prev system I built was back when the first x64 bit amd processor were coming out. 1.8, 512mb, 9200 ati ( bought a 6800 vanilla a year later ) xp home, just reguler 420 watt power supply that came with case that got dead and replaced it with a 500 watt. Thats pretty much my expirence with building pc's.

I'm looking for a pc thats good on gaming, looks , without any water cooling stuff or anything, just rock solid problem free system that will last me at least 5 - 10 years and is really upgradable! Its been about of a month of searching for specs and stuff.

Are the new ati graphics better than the nvidias8800 or is it just equalavant. Ive always dealt with amd. Is the duo intel processor good? Not just gaming but very stable system. Thankyou, I like to here your thoughts and suggests before spending 2k dollars!

OR This:

Harddrive: Seagate Barracuda 400GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM Harddrive/w 16 Buffer -

DVD Drive: LG 18X Dual Layer DVD +/- RW Black

Monitor: Viewsonic VX2035WM 20 inch Widescreen LCD

Motherboard: eVGA 122-CK-NF68-TR nForce 680i SLI Socket 775 1333MHZ DDR 1000

Graphics: EVGA 768-P2-NA831-AR Geforce 8800 GTX 768MB GDDR3

Case: Thermal Dream Tower Series Tsunami Mid Tower Transparent Side Window

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit edition ( I also have an un used Windows XP Home edition as a 2nd operating system )

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Conroe Processor 2.4 GHZ 1066FSB, LGA 775, 4MB Cache

Memory ram: Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4PRO 2GB kit DDR2-800 XMS-6400 ProSeries (latency: 4-4-4-12 at 2.0 V 800 MHZ ( EPP standard 4-4-4-12-2T, 2.0V values at 800MHz )

Power Supply: Coolmax CXI-600B 600W Silent Fan Power Supply w/120mm Silent Fan Retail

for about 40 bucks more at 2100. Do you thing the cpu will bottleneck the systems? I know that games wont load as fast if i had a harddrive like the raptors but is it worth those if 2gb of ram are being used? Fast ram at that? do you think Il get glitches alot in games or studdering?

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It looks like you know your stuff. I imagine that you live in California, right. If not tax is not charged. I would get that motherboard though. Newer technology of the 680i nvidia was rushed and it has a lot of problems. Get the this one. Better board without the hassle and price.

i would not get vista if I were you. There is no reason yet becasue they is no Direct X 10 games released. Also they need to fix some of the bugs. Just use your old copy of windows xp

Also that psu isn't that good of a brand name and not reliable. This one is much better,

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I live in TN and from what I'm seeing the taxes here are about 2% higher than in california. I'm trying to see what deals they have but I have never dealt with them before. How's there service? Newegg ive always trusted and is way easier to navigate through there the site than zipzoomfly though. The prices are like a couple bucks more than newegg but free shipping on alot more items and no sales taxfor me from there. The motherboard you suggested seems alot of negative reviews for it? Power supply can be better but im not planning on running sli or anything. I want a good quality built motherboard with lots of options. I don't plan on overclocking though. All Im thing Il save at most at the end at picking the good deals from both is like 20 bucks or something. Your pc specs on ur sig are just about exactly what Im looking for! lol, i didn't even notice till i started this reply.
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Yeah, those specs in my sig are not correct. I changed them and haven't got a chance to change my sig. Note the coming soon at the bottom.
All I am saying is that the motherboard is a lot better than the 680i. There is a lot of problems with them. There is mixed reviews with them. The new bios update on the asus pretty much fixed everything that was wrong with the it. There are plenty of features with it. Trust me you don't want to make a mistake. I think anyone on these here forums would agree.

I don't know why new egg is charging you tax when there head courters is in California. I would call them up or something. They can't tax you from across state lines.

I have had friends use zipzoomfly with no problems at all, I just like newegg better because of lower prices and better interface.

I picked out the psu because it is a more trusted Power supply. There isn't much of a price difference, and it is modular, so you don't have a mess inside your case.

Here is some ram that is better and cheaper. The ram you chose is great but I am hear to save you some money. G.Skill Rocks
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if you don't wanna mess with building it and want quality and brand named products go ahead and check out
no shipping or tax.
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a few things:
dmoney is right about the 680i. although a lot of people with e6600's love it.
if you aren't going to overclock, why do you want a board with a lot of features? the p5b has all the features you need, certainly if you do not plan to overclock (haha but you will) is (supposedly) one of the best boards for the c2d.
the gskill ram is great that dmoney picked also. it will be just fine for basic ram. although it really isn't even in the same class as that xms pro that you have in your list...that stuff is high end and if you are not going to push your rig, you don't need it. but you can buy it for me, lol.
dude you aint gonna have any stutter in games with that rig.
i dont understand your question about the raptors and hard drives and 2gb of ram...??
lastly, i disagree with the fact that coolmax psus are not reliable.
i have a 500w and it has been (mostly) powered on since i built my current setup, about six months ago. i have had no problems with it. it gives me stable voltage for my overclocks. the volyage readings are right where they should be.
which pretty much = reliable.
all psu makers have bad units at one point or another. the coolamx i have is sli certified...yes, i know there are many that are...but i wouldnt think that nvidia would allow their name to be put on a product that is a piece of sh*t, and is going to blow up in your face...
just my opinion...
i think the real reason there is an issue of reliability with psus is just how many people have them...versus how many have problems...versus how many actually talk about it...

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