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Default To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

I am currently looking into building a DREAM GAMING system... My current System is over 4 yrs old and time for a new one... I have about a $2000.00 (+,-) budget

I have been reading this forum for about three weeks and I get so many different ideas about GPU... First of all I have Dual Monitors and I love to have them for my new build... From what I have read the SLI does not do this and Crossfire does.... Is this true??? Also with all the different types of motherboards out there. What would be the best choice for this set up?? And what is up with having three PCI exp. slots??? Is this for three GPU???

In the past I have always been a fan of the AMD, but it looks like Intel has got their stuff together so this motherboard will probably be an Intel as well... as for the CPU, would you just stick with the Q6600 or get the newer version like the Q9550, Q9450, Q9300, or the Q6700?

I am one of these guys that will spend big at first but want it to last several years.... Or until the system can no longer support the games that I play... and Yes this system will be for gaming...

It looks like the GTX280 is the highest ranking card out there... I know buying two of these would be an overkill but it is only money... But at the same time if it won't dual I am really not that interested, but might sacrifice depending what the majority says... Also I wouldn't mind buying 2 hd4870 and to bad the 4870x2 are not out... Thanks in advance for any input...

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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

My understanding is dual screen is a Crossfire thing...

a p45 or x48 mobo - the x48 supports a dual 16x while p45 is 8x when crossfired... marginal increase in performance...

My q6600 is at 3.5ghz right now and i see no need to go higher for any reason right now - so for price/performance ratio.. no need to go higher end...

The new intel chips are right around the corner - seeing as how you have a system already - wait for that - the 2000 budget you have will be able to afford you a nice system with the latest tech - only reason i didnt wait was I needed a computer now and had no back-up...

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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

Cool deal... Thanks, I was hoping some more feedback

I could probably wait for the new CPU... I guess I could start collecting other components for the build
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

thing is if you wait you'll have to wait for a board too cause the x58 platform (which is nehalem compatible) is a new socket. So you'll need to get the mobo/cpu together. also just go with a 4870 and an x58 crossfire board, and if you feel the need to drop a second one in there, go for it.

also what size monitors do you have?
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

Well - the new chips will use a different socket - requiring an x58 mobo - and ddr3 ram - so the only thing you can really get right now would be a and maybe a psu... (might as well wait for the gpu as they will either be cheaper or have something newer out by then) -

So either get something nice now and upgrade later - or wait...

I went with the nice build now - I can easily run anything i want that is out now and will be out without trouble - since hardware and software never seem to be on the same level (we get 4 cores, sli or xfire, and 64bit, but only a small percent of programs can utilize these things...) - I don't care to always have the newest and best... cuz chances are.. its not needed... I'll upgrade to a new mobo/chip/ddr3 when they are cheaper.. and when the (PROVEN) performance gains warrant the added expense.. obviously you can build a pretty slick system for 1700 (and under.. my system with everything was a little over 1600 after rebates...complete build including OS/keyboard/monitor/etc.. all brand new) now... or in a few months... that might only afford you a marginal performace increase while costing hundreds more...
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

I'd just wait since you are planning to spend a load.

and since your going to spend a load, you might as well buy new monitors too. I assume they are 4 years old.
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

only sli/crossfire if ur goin highres or dual screen. if ur not go one gtx280 or onr 4870 or if it comes out b4 u buy a 4870x2. for the cpu i would get a q6600.
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

I know someone else said this, but kobe may have confused you. Get SLI or Crossfire for High resolution gaming on one monitor. If you want to utilize your dual monitors, you have to go Crossfire as SLI is limited to one monitor.

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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

SLI can't do dual monitors, unless you have a cheap PCI card that runs off that

Crossfire does support Dual Monitors natively...

1920x1200 or higher is when we recommend Crossfire.. otherwise forget Crossfire
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Default Re: To SLI or CrossFire or maybe neither

your right about the the monitors... the are over 4 yrs old... both are 21" CRT... they were real good back in the day... but one of them has the picture shimmering on the bottom, but still usable.

I was at wally world and notice there huge LCD and plasma having computer hook ups... I can only imagine hooking up a couple of 35" or bigger... So what do you think about those??? Already did a search really didn't see anything in the forums except for 30"s

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