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Default Seompron/Sempron 64

My friend wants a system built for $400. I'm seriously close to telling him to go get a Dell, but custom built is always better.

EDIT: Dell is out of the equation now. No more posts only telling me not to get a dell please. (Not that anyone did that). Just letting you know.

He can't afford a Athlon 64, even a 3000+ so it'll have to be a Sempron or (I didn't even know about this until 4 mins ago) a Sempron 64. I'm trying to figure out which is better, also, maybe most importantly, which is closer to the Athlon 64s. I want to overclock it for him, so how do they overclock, and is it the same overclocking technique as the Athlon 64s?

Appreciate any help.

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try to go 64 bit...but with ur budget i would reccomend an athlon xp processor..You can get a good one for under 100 dollars..perhaps even a XP-M since u plan on overclocking..i really like my xp chip..

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don't go dell. you'll get less for the money, especially for a low budget.
$400 is very limiting. so at most, the Sempron.
Sempron 64's are pretty much the same as the normal Semprons, but support 64-bit (as the name says)

although apparently the Semprons overclock pretty well, because they don't produce much heat.
and, like Jerry said. I would also consider an Athlon XP.
to upgrade the system I'm using (it's the family computer, in my sig) it cost me $350 AU. I'm using the old monitor (which is actually pretty descent), hard drive(s) (I've currently got my 2 drives in it), and CD and DVD burner (the DVD burner is pretty new, got it before the old system's motherboard died)
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Well guys, its gotten complicated.

Atleast last night, I found out how bad Celerons suck for gaming (I knew they were bad, but not that bad) so Dell is pretty much out of the equation.

My friend doesn't need the monitor (he has a very nice LCD) and he has the rest of the peripherals also.

Whats making it complicated is, I don't want him to have to upgrade anytime soon. I want Sempron 64 because of the new 64-bit future.

Now, the Sempron 3400+ Palmero at stock beat a Celeron D 351 (which I can't find retail) at 4.0Ghz. This is amazing, and my friend's system would soar with this relatively cheap processor, especially overclocked.

My problem - Motherboard. I don't know shizzle about Sempron motherbaords and I need a cheap $70 or less motherboard. Ofcourse the motherboard has to be overclock-friendly, since the Sempron 64 will probably be set at 2.6 from stock 2.0

I would appreciate help with that.

The link:

The Sempron 3400+ owning the Celeron D 351
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Ok, from that link, they people used the DFI LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb Socket 754 motherboard. BUT on Newegg, that motherboard is specified only for "Athlon 64" not the "Sempron" or "Sempron 64." I'm concerned because other motherbaord clearly say that they support Semprons, but not this one. Yet those guys from X-bit used it successfully. Both, the old Athlon 64s, and the Semprons are Socket 754.
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