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Default Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

First, I would like to establish that I am completely batsh*t loco. That should save me a few pages of unneeded replies.

Second, I am looking to upgrade to the world of super high definition gaming, and thus need a monitor that can support 2560x1600. I've been looking around, and I think I've found most everything there is to see, but I may have missed something. From what I've gathered, the HP LP3065, Samsumg 305T, and the Dell UltraSharp 3000 series are all reliable, solid monitors. I'm leaning towards the HP because of the price, warranty, average review, and spiffy powered USB Hub. If anyone has any time to look or any suggestions, I'd love to get some feedback.

What I need:
  • 2560x1600 Resolution
  • At least a 2 Year Warranty
  • Under $1300, shipped
  • New, not Refurb
  • 12ms response time (6ms GTG) Max
  • A refutable store that will not rip off my credit card

What I'd like:
  • Multiple inputs
  • USB Hub
  • 3+ Year Warranty
  • A pony

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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

hrm...well i know that samsung and dell monitors are top of the line and you definitely won't go wrong with them. I personally would go with the samsung. I'm running on a samsung and I love it. The samsung has a 6ms response time and the lowest of the 3 which will be the best if you are gaming. If you are in america, newegg has great prices on just about everything. All three of them only have DVI-D, so no HDMI in case you were wondering.

But....if you are planning on running games at 2560x1600, you will be needing quite the video card to carry that out. I don't think Crysis has yet to be played at maxed settings w/ 2560x1600 but i could be wrong, it might be possible with 3 gtx 280's lol hahaha

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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

beyond 1080P gaming... NICE!

from a quick look from these 2 sites
The new 30 inch monitors: Dell and Samsung (page 9: Conclusion) - BeHardware
Head to Head: Samsung 305T and HP LP3065

and from behardware:
Samsung forgot one essential point: the only interface, the DVI input, isn't HDCP compatible. How will we read HD protected movies with this monitor?
I guess you can narrow it down to HP or Dell
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

Maybe it's just me, but if you care about price why are you buying a 30" LCD anyways?

Seems sort of contradictory to me.
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

get 2k more and get this...

HP Press Release: HP Introduces World’s First Affordable Color-critical Display
HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display
HP DreamColor Technologies - Indigo, Designjet & Photosmart Printers
A Billion Colors: HP's DreamColor Monitor : Color-Critical Consumers

it's not your res...and might be smaller...but it's real world close as it's gonna get
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

Balishang - I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster 204B right now and I love it, so I would normally agree with your recommendation if it had more than one DVI input and maybe a powered USB hub. Also, I have a brand-new GeForce GTX 280, so 2560x1600 shouldn't be a problem on most games for now. I don't really have any interest in Crysis so no problems there either.
Fat.clown - Thanks for those useful articles, and also for the heads-up on copyright protected HD videos on the Samsung 305T. Dell or HP it is then. HP has a nice 3 year warranty, USB hub, and three DVI inputs, so I'm leaning heavily in that direction.
Clint Eastwood - Remember, I'm bat**** loco, right? Besides, I'm trying to go as cheap as possible simply because 30" LCDs are expensive. Just because it already costs a lot doesn't mean I'm going to throw even $50 away simply because I don't "care" about price once it gets that high. $1250 versus $1300 may not seem like a huge difference, but at the end of the day, I still have $50 more than I would have.
atomic tofu - Absolutely out of the question. $3500? Jeez. No.
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

I like your signature, lol.
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

get this monitor and use this promo code "EMCAHCEBD" it's $500 for a 27.5" monitor...not to far from 30" and it'll save a lot of money that you could invest into other more USB ports lol. oh yea, it only have 1 HDMI port, no DVI - Hanns·G HG-281DJB Black 27.5" 3ms with X-Celerateâ„¢ Technology HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor with Height Adjustment 500 cd/m2 800:1 Built in Speakers - LCD Monitors

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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

I don't think you guys understand. If I'm going to upgrade, I'm not going to go from 1600x1200 to 1920x1200. That's just not worth it, even by my standards. I need 2560x1600 to be fully satisfied!
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Default Re: Recommend a 30" LCD for me? (2560x1600)

You are missing out on the whole resolution part. The reason people go 24" instead of 22 is for the extra resolution. That being said, we have 2 of the hp 30s here at work. They look pretty nice, but you really have to be qutie a ways away from the monitor as it IS huge. Matter of fact i just got done working on one of the machines with a 30 and its only arms length away from where you sit, and it gave me a headache. I'm running dual 24" monitors right now, and i really dont have the desk space to put a 30" far enough away from me for it to work.

Nothing to see here.
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