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ShivX 08-28-2005 03:22 PM

RAID 0 Cluster Size ?'s
I have a few questions regarding this tutorial. I need some understanding and answers.

Firstly, If I go along with the 16x cluster size. How will putting WinXP on another HDD(IDE) and then reinstalling it onto my RAID drives keep that cluster size? Where does it save onto? If you have Windows on one HDD, set it as 16x and format, then take that windows out and put a whole new one, how does it still acknowledge that set cluster size?

Second, When it says put windows on a the IDE HDD, does it have to be your new version of windows, or can it be any version just to set them? Ive heard both ways.

I think thats all, if you could clarify that, I would appreciate it and take some weight off my chest. Thanks.

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