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Old 08-20-2006, 03:57 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Ahh the Inquirer. Didn't they say the 7900gt would have 32 pipes?

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Definitly a noob question, but just what is a pixelpipeline anyway? Obviously when I bought my card I knew more is better, but I never really cared what they are/do for you.

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Originally posted by 003
Lol all I see is an nvidia fanboy trying to disregard information that might make nvidia the underdog.
Not only im not an nvidia fanboy, im actually more on ATi's side asI had both companies cards and I like ATi's much more.
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Old 08-20-2006, 08:40 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Originally posted by dwarf
If these people can't form a coherent sentence you're going to trust them at having the kind of information they purport to receive.
Oh noes! One wrong sentence! That makes the whole article a complete pile of crap!


Typo's happen, dude, and just because they happen don't necessarily mean that the whole article is therefore false.
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Old 08-20-2006, 09:19 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Originally posted by dwarf
I'd be compelled to suggest that YOU'RE an ATI fanboy
In case you haven't noticed, I have a 7800GT, and before that I had a 6800GT, and before that I had a 5700LE

Yeah they made a wrong sentence. Mabey english was not the first language of the person who wrote it. In fact that is very probable because thats when those type of mistakes are usualy made. Or mabe it was just a typo. I know they have said things in the past that turned out not being true. But then again they have said things that were true as well. Like the R580 having 48 shader units.

And I think the 7900GTX WAS susposed to have 32 pipes, nvidia changed it at the last minute.
so, umm, err yeah
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Old 08-23-2006, 09:31 AM   #16 (permalink)
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The inq wasn't the only website to talk about G71 to have 32 pipes. It was actually a source that told multiple website about it. Even anandtech wrote articles expecting it to have 32 pipes.

I hope this is true, I mean look at what a X1900 XTX can do with only 16 pipes and 48 virtual shader pipes (16 physical); and if the R600 has 64 pipes, 64 shader pipes, and GDDR4 memory.... OMGZ!!!!

I also find it funny when you call someone a fanboy they write a whole speech out. I just don't bother read their rubbish.

The inq isn't 100% accurate but I wouldn't disregard them.
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Old 08-23-2006, 09:55 AM   #17 (permalink)
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Wow, talk about maxing out Oblivion at full graphics and the highest setting you can get it to lol, can you imagine those in Crossfire?


To bad it will probably be a 500-600 dollar card, not worth he upgrade unless it really IS 64 pipes.

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