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My mom got a dell pc over a year ago and it came with a 8800gtx. The card was not working to well so i opened up the pc and blew a bunch of dust out and got it working a bit better. It is still not running anywhere close to what a 8800 should (even older games like HL2 give it problems if it is on for more than 30 min) so i looked for the problem and realized it is the PSU.

Dell put a 375w psu in this pc. I know a lot of people go overkill on their psu but i also know you need at very minimum a 450w psu to run a 8800gtx. Also the way dell built this pc is backwords. The right side (from front view) is the side that opens up and the fan on the 8800 is facing up. There is no rear exit fan in the case and only 1 fan blowing into the pc, but that is the heatsynks fan. This card idles at 83 degrees celcius and when i put fc2 in it bounces up to 99 degrees within minutes and the shader stops working properly (don't know if that is from lack of power or overheating)

Today i am going to go and get 2 80mm fans and mod them into the case. The rear of the case doesn't even have holes to put a fan in. Honestly though i am worried about putting even just 2 more fans in with the psu already being taxed so hard.

I was curious as to if anyone knows of a 5.25 inch add on psu that might help me out, or any other product/solution. It would have to have the 2 6pin connectors for the 8800 and be available to Canada. So like NCIX, Newegg, or tigerdirect. Getting a brand new PSU is not an option either because the only psu that will fit in this case has to be a dell psu.


There is a pic of the dell i am talking about incase it helps.

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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

Unfortunately you will need to replace the PSU with something more powerful. I think you would also be better off with a 120mm fan modded on the side panel, blowing on the video card, and a 120mm modded onto the back of the case.

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There is just not quite enough room to put a 120 on the back, or i would for sure. My plan was to put a 80mm on the back blowing out and to angle a 80mm under the card blowing in and up. I was just going to take the metal part off of the bottom pci slot for clean air in. There is a ton of open room behind the pc. The back fan i can screw on through the square grate and the one on the bottom i was going to superglue in place.

The only worries i have is that those fans are going to eat even more power.

here is a rude idea of what i am thinking, pardon my paint skills.

Ultra Power Partner 5.25 Bay 325-Watt ATX Power Supply ULT40063 in Canada at

I found this thing but am skeptical about it. It has 2 6pin pci-e that i need and 26a on the 12v rail. I have no idea if this would be a waste of money though and i don't know to much about powersupplies and how they work. Would i be able to run the 8800gtx properly with this thing if that was all i had hooked up to it ? It's sold out at the moment but is only $50.
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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

that thing is pretty neat.
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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

That psu is a definite option. $100 is a lot though, i just got a corsair TX750 for $110 a month ago. I guess when you need a specific size/shape you pay for it though. If that 5.25"bay psu is not a waste i think i would go for it instead, it is only $50 and will give me a total of 700w seeing how it works with the dell psu that is installed.

I read a review for the Ultra 5.25 Power Partner PSU on overclockersclub and it says it works well. But i don't know if that site is reputable or if they were paid to write the review. I am paranoid about reviews. What it did say though is that it works with the existing psu. The 24pin from the main psu inputs into an adapter on the ultra and the ultra has a 24 pin that goes to mobo. Plus my mom could hook up a second HDD and a sound card with that thing too (she is starting to appreciate gaming and bought herself CSI:NY on boxing day). I am really leaning towards it at this point but i will wait till Jan 2nd to order incase someone can tell me something i am missing.
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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

just get a new case and psu.

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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

Originally Posted by philbar71 View Post
just get a new case and psu.
Won't be so easy, since he has a BTX motherboard.
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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

Ya new case and new psu is way out of the question. Aside from the motherboard being dell (worthless and rare) the cpu heatsynk is made for this case too, it is actually the only impressive part of this PC, pulls air directly from outside the case through a big 120mm fan. So it would have to be a new case (probably $100+ if i could even find one) new psu($100+) and new heatsynk($50+). I am just trying to solve the problems that dell was not concerned with for the absolute cheapest amount of $ possible. Just a power boost and some added airflow.

I got an idea today for a little fan-mod that won't cost me a single cent, if i end up making it i will take pics and show on here. If i am right it should work pretty nice.

I was just thinking, since this motherboard is btx will that 5.25" psu be compatible. The motherboard has a 24 pin input for psu and that has the 24 pin connector, but all it says for compatibility is "Meets ATX Version 2.03, and ATX 12V Version 1.2 Specifications". Is the BTX just for how it fits in the case or does it use a different stream of power or something? Like i said i don't know much about power supplies.
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Default Re: PSU Problem/Cooling Problem

Ok well i am ordering a 5.25 inch bay psu today. i found a thermaltake i am going to go with instead of that ULTRA. Apparently having a BTX/ATX motherboard (i really hope this is right) wont matter and this thing is made just to power 1 or 2 VGA. here is the product i am ordering in about 4 hours. - Thermaltake W0157RU 450W SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Active PFC VGA Power Supply - Power Supplies

Remember that $ amount is in Canadian dollars, so it is not to bad.

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