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Question Pre-Built Companys

1st post guys and gals =)

Im going to be purchasing a pre-built rig pretty soon(once the new Vids Cards are out) and i was just wondering if anyone has any constructive critism to help me choose. Example Alienware, Voodoo PC(Even though they are **** to expensive), Falcon Northwest(Again pretty danm expensive), WidowPc, Aeoncraft, Velocity Micro. I know there are much more than that, but i was just wondering if someone can help me out =p

I am probably going to spend at least $3300.00 on my gaming rig and just need to go in the right direction. And please try not to reply with "go with newegg and build it yourself/save some money". I know everyone on this board would say this, but im just not up to building a rig on my own =(.(My loss)

Thx For All Your Help

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Your can also try monarch computers, ibuypower, cyberpowerinc, sometimes they have some great deals.

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I would go with or or pretty much the top three, and the last two will not toast your bank account.

I would not go with falcon or voodoo because they are both WAY to expensive.

And you are right, over half of the people here will say build your own =P

Anyways, welcome to TF.
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I am sorry but I have to say this WHY THE F*** DO PEOPLE WANT TO BUY PRE-BUILDS???????!!!!!!!!!!

It makes absolutley no sense.

They must be to **** lazy or somthing.

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If you build it yourself, you can have a badass rig with watercooling. Though Alienware watercools the cpu I think, not sure about the other companies though. That said, I'd get the Alienware since they have a awesome new case now, thats on the prebuilt route though.
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i like and at ibuypower i know u can get core 2 extreme, sli 7900gtxs, and 2gb corsair for under 3k3$.
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Hey my 1st post and im already getting slammed =(
Thx for the love lancec2c30.......

Ill im trying to acquire is if someone has past experience with pre-built companys and can help me choose one.

And im not trying to start anything but just chill out, some people just dont have the time or the opportunity to build there own rig. I myself can buy the separate parts and assemble them, but i just want a "plug and play". Imagine if you had to build your on TV just to say a couple hundred bucks.......I would rather have a proffesional that knows what they are doing and build it the right way. Thats all im trying to get at people.

Again thx for all the input......
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hey don;t worry about them, they have just built their own computers for as long as they can remember, but like you said "some people just dont have the time or the opportunity to build there own rig", i can agree with you there. I have had pre-builts before and they're not bad bu then i switched to building my own, simply cause i enjoy it

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I never slam people when they want an already built pc. Afterall, just like cars why don't we all build our own? I don't know...sure we could take the time to figure it out, or not!

Brand wise I'm not sure, big name I think HP, smaller...I think some company with the name...ZT group....I forget. If I remember I'll repost.

What it comes down to when someone wants a prebuilt/branded pc is of course time and most important, support. If you're failry well to do, you don't mind paying extra to say "hey, I paid XXX and also purchased XXX warranty, I'm covered". I often suggest people go branded for the support.

That said, whatever you do, make sure you check up on consumer reviews if any. I do believe though, right now, HP is making that effort out of all the big names. I also believe Lenovo is moving up there too...they have new gaming rigs. Lenovo may even be something to look for, quality from the business unit to gaming, don't knock em.

Dell was decent, then sucked due to focus on nothing but money. They bought aleinware, same company it's interesting to see people suggest alienware and knock dell ;p
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monarch computers, ibuypower, cyberpowerinc
All good suggestions. Off the shelf parts allow you to overclock.

Alienware, Voodoo PC, Falcon Northwest, WidowPc, Aeoncraft, Velocity Micro
Haven't heard of all of them, but the ones I know are all top-end.

You can spend as much as you want on a rig. The main thing is to get something you can live with, and can upgrade when the time comes... and it will.


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