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Default Power supplies, SLi compatability?

Hey all. I'm planning a new build. I've fallen in love with this case (NZXT LEXA-NP Black/ Silver Aluminum Construction Plastic Front Panel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, from newegg.com), I've decided that I must have it. It does not come with a PSU. They DO offer one that comes with a PSU for like $50 more, but I've heard everywhere that stock PSU's suck. Well, I have several cases here at the house...one of them, I bought from a physically handicapped former co-worker a few years back. The computer overheated like a mofo. Why? Not because of the PSU...I was younger and more ignorant then, but I do know that Mr. Powersupply blew hot air out like the best of them...I'm so proud, that Rocky VII of the PSU world...(sniff). But the computer overheated because Mr. Wheelchair boy was (ahem) not the most intelligent PC builder. He had 2 fans on the back of the case, and a fan in the side panel. What was wrong with that? ALL THREE FANS WERE POINTED OUTWARDS!!! So, no air was flowing INTO the case. That stupid miffer phiffer..I'm still ****ed (that will be censored, I said "urinated") that the guy got $740 out of me...but I've learned a lot from that. I should be thanking him, yadda, because this will make me more wary of people trying to sell me their garbage. I also know now that A PSU in the back and some fans in the bottom-front of the case make the best airflow, and I've also read that a side panel fan is bad for the airflow. But anyways, I'm wondering if Mr. Selvester Stallone Rocky VIII PSU will work okay for the system I'm planning. It's silver, with a neato-blue light inside. I took it out of the case, and here's everything the sticker said:

MGE® Company-Power Supply Warranty Void if Removed. Model: MGE-PS
Input: 115/230 V ~ 50/60 Hz 450 W

Then there's this table thing:

Orange: +3.3V 15.0A
Red: +5V 35.0A
White: -5V 0.6A
Yellow: +12V 17.0A
Blue: -12V 0.6A
Purple: +5 SB 2.0A
Gray: PW-OK P.G.

450W - TOTAL POWER ON +3,3V & +5V 200W MAX

This seems an okay power supply....except for the caution sticker:

Caution, don't open power supply, trained service people only, then

-No serviceable componentes inside

I'm not too sure what a "componente" is. Maybe it's french?

Anyways, does this PSU sound good, or should I buy a new one?
I'm wanting to get a Vid card...the eVGA Geforce 7900GT KO 256-P2-N564 Video Card...apparently, they's making this fancy new "SLi" technology that isn't compatible with everything out there.

I'm aiming for the

Gigabyte K8N Pro-SLI NVIDIA Socket 939 ATX Motherboard / Audio / PCI Express / Gigabit LAN / USB 2.0 / Serial ATA / RAID / SLI motherboard
Will that work? I'm guessing so, because it says "SLi".

So, is there anything that I need to know about Powersupplies...(Powersupply's? How would I spell that? Whatev.)My ATI X850 pro needed one of those little power thingies from the motherboard, like the kind that plug into your hard drive. Does this new "SLi" technology accept those, or will I need a special "SLi" power supply? Probably not, just checking. Wait..I just looked in a recent catalog from TigerDirect.com...in the "ULTRA" powersupplies, they all say "SLi" certified. So maybe that DOES mean that I'll need a new PSU. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.

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grab an antec or OCZ PSU from newegg with tghe SLI logo on the page.

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I dunno if 450W would be enough...

I think you'll need to buy a new PSU. Antec, OCZ, or Enermax are good brands. 500W and over is my guess for how much power you need.
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If you are buying nVidia, go to the nVidia website, and look for SLI-zone or something like that. They have a list of recommended and compatible PSUs. You might have to do a little digging, but you'll find it.
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Alright, thanks.
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