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Default Plethora of issues

First off is my **** tv I use as a monitor. It's a 26 lcd 720p. ATI won't let me use the 1336x768 resolution which first off really ****es me off. I knew I should have stuck with my good ol' nvidia.

So I was gaming at 1280x1024 which looked the best and I was happy. Then I realized when it was at this, it forced me to have a 30hz refresh rate!!!! That's terrible!!! So i HAVE to put it at 1280x720 which really doesn't look that good for me to have a 60hz refresh rate.

This is problem number 1. My second issue is Empire Total War. I don't know if it's just a buggy game or maybe I have something wrong with my video card or... I'm not sure.

The only other game I've played is Medieval 2 Total War and it ran perfectly. However when i get into a battle with Empire Total War my screen gets all like shaky. Random bars run up and down the screen and **** it's so god **** annoying.

I found a fix, put it on pause and then go to graphics settings. Change one setting, it now has to go back to the loading menu, once it reloads the map all is fine. This is what leads me to believe it is not a video card issue. I installed the 9.4 catalyst drivers. All is fine there.

What could be causing this shaking? I really don't want to have to do that for every battle. If playing online and I go back to the menu it makes the game lag for everyone so I can't do that. I tried putting graphics on lowest, highest, medium all to no avail.

I googled to see if anyone else has this problem, again to no avail. Anybody have any ideas or clues or insight to any of this? Thanks in advance.

/angry gamer

Edit: I found that turning off AA gets rid of my shaking screen problem. No more lines of artifacts. Wow ATI, you've really impressed me. I thought an hd 4850 was supposed to be a very good card, I should have spent the money on something better. I can't even turn the AA on for an RTS....

/angrier gamer

2nd edit: I researched it a bit more and it's due to ATI's yet again shotty drivers. I was under the impression they were fixed :/. This really now pushes me over the edge, nvidia is the way to go, I should have shelled out the little more cash for reliability. Buyers beware! ATI SUCKS. ok ok, I'm being a bit extreme as it plays my other games fine, but still I'm ****ed.


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Default Re: Plethora of issues

1st issue
i dont know, thats why i use a monitor and not a TV
2nd issue
try re-installing the game. sometimes, you just have a buggy install. my COD4 locks up on me still on rare occasion, and i have no idea why.
3rd issue
roll back the drivers. i found that the previous generation of ATI drivers worked better than the current 90% of the time.
uninstall CCC, and try the game without it running. sometimes it is a booger. ATIs drivers really aren't bad, but they do have issues form time to time, just like nvidias (yes i had a 4870 1gb and went to a core 216).

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Default Re: Plethora of issues

I found a fix and it's just by turning off all the effects. Game still looks nice so I guess it's whatever. I swear to God though I did not have ONE single problem with my crap 8600 gt, and I don't think i hardly every updated drivers. Though maybe that is why..
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