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Originally posted by MysticRose
1. For the 2 gig of RAM, i'm not sure. Because my screen is only 15", i think the RAM is sufficient. But thanks anyway, maybe i will revise this again.

2. For the 6800 GS 512 MB, i'm buying it for a special Edition in the UK, so probably the card is not available in the US.

You could see it at:
The size of your screen has nothing to do with how much RAM you need. The hardware-intensity of the things you do with your computer decide how much RAM you need; a system with 1gb of RAM performs the same with a 15" screen as with a 19" screen. Or any other screen size, for that matter.

Like aliasaid said, the graphics card that you have has no bearing on how much RAM your system needs, just like the speed of your processor has nothing to do with how much hard drive space you need. However, the amount of RAM on the card does have an effect on the card's performance. Weaker cards, such as the 6600 series, can't handle 256mb of RAM because they don't work fast enough to know what to do with all of it, so 256mb 6600GT's are actually slower than 128mb ones (at equal core and memory speeds, that is).

I wonder if a 6800GS would take full advantage of the 512mb of RAM or be slowed down by it? Eh, it's probably powerful enough.

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Default Re: Please critisize my system. Thanks.

Originally posted by MysticRose
Please critisize my system.
Your system is worthless and will never amount to anything! Why couldn't it be more like your brother!

Alright, alright...

The only thing I'd really mention is that 1: a Gig of RAM doesn't go as far these days, and 2: I wouldn't trust a Maxtor drive to be a bookend, let alone put it in my PC. But that's just me.

Originally posted by MysticRose
By the way, i have some more minor questions:
1. The case is quite small. Do you think in the future it will fit some kind of big graphic cards like 7800GTX and the newer ones ?
That's a tough question. Powerful graphics cards tend to be getting larger and suck up more space, but at the same time, the business world is looking at smaller and smaller desktop environments, so cases get smaller. If you're interested in a smaller cases, you'll have to accept that as cards get larger, one day you'll want one that won't fit.
Originally posted by MysticRose
2. Do you think that i should get some more cooling system for my small case ?
Small cases inherently have the problem that they get hot. If you don't already have a lot of fans running in it (and on everything), you should. Aside from CPU and chipset, I'd put some fans on the hard-drives, and make sure there's at least one additional out-going fan to get heat out of the box.

Originally posted by MysticRose
3. Do you suggest any better mobo for better upgradeability in teh future ?
Suggesting motherboards that are future-proof is more of a front-porch chatter job that leads nowhere.


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