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Old 01-15-2006, 10:47 AM   #11 (permalink)
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How many inches is it...?

EDIT: 19? Okay.

Just wondering.

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I dunno... but is playing on 1024x768 not an option? That resolution really seems like a good one for me. Unless you've spoiled yourself with the eye candy of higher resolutions for too long. I mean, you can just consider knocking it down to 1024x768 when the end of the card's life starts approaching.



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Well, 1024x768 looks like a dung sandwich on my LCD. It looks so bad that it completly ruins the games. Because I got an LCD, I MUST play at the native resolution which is 1280x1024. LCD companies need to so something to fix this on 19" models because 1024x768 is pretty much the standard resolution for gaming. 17" models have a lower dot pitch so they look a bit better at 1024x768.
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hmm might wanna get another gig of ram then, I run all my games @ 1280x1024 usually on high settings with atleast 2-4x AA. Usually getting no lower than 45fps in all my games cept fear.

And the 7800GT should last for a little while longer, its a **** of a card, maybe after the newer UT engine gets used more, then it might be time to upgrade.
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Get a cheap CRT, use the LCD at your work or office pc or whatever
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Maybe a new monitor is the answer, I play on 1024x768 or even 800x600 and I think it looks great, maybe I'm not just as picky though. Also note that 17 inch monitors are clearer because they have a smaller dot pitch, making the image sharper. So at 1024 the pixels are further apart on a 19 incher making it look worse then on a 17 inch.
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Its not your video Beed. Get another gig of RAM and run it dual channel and running 1280x1024 on that 7800GT will be fine. COD2 is like a pesky fly to my rig at 1280x1024 because having 2 gig of ram really helps now.
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I just found out all my spec's on my CRT and it can only push 65 Hz on 1280 x 1024 which is the MAX Resolution on it. That seems kind of crappy for me because I'm not updating the screen yet. Will the Geforce 6800 GS work fine on it? It's a COMPAQ S710 CRT.

Is this normal for a CRT screen?
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you should get a cheap crt and use a dual monitor set up so you can play games on the crt and do whatever else on the lcd
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I just don't see why you have a problem BEE. I'm still playing with my X800XT PE and a Viewsonic VX-924 19", I always have my resolution set to 1280X1024. I don't have any issues at that resolution with settings on high. And technically the 7800GT destroys my X800XT PE.

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