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Default PC Build For Little Sister [Budget]

Little sister, who is 11. No gaming, obviously. My dad doesn't know too much about computers. My computer which he bought 2 years ago, I just started learning about computers, is really crappy and he payed like 800 for it. So I want to build a computer for my sister and its less then 600 and I think is really sufficient for what she will be doing. AIM, Music, Internet.

5th post has my selections

Her current computer is my dad's work computer from the early 90's, lol. 10gb hdd, 322mhz processor, you get the point.
My dad was nice though and for her birthday got her a 17" acer lcd monitor, logitech 2.1 speakers, and a wireless logitech mouse and keyboard so she has the peripheals down. Eventually she would probably get 2gb's of ram and then eventually 4, once it becomes more standard. And I wan't to get her pink cathodes and LED's. Also do you think I would need one of those heavy duty fan's, like the 92mm one's?

All suggestions and comments are welcome

Also if any one can tell me where I can find pink cathodes and what I need to power it and stuff like that, please respond.

Also is the timing on the RAM good?

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Cpu- AMD Sempron 3100+ -http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819104220 -$80.00

ENERMAX ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 350W Power Supply - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...2E16811124111-$34.99

ASUS K8U-X Socket 754 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813131572 - $43.50


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Ok, 1, that video card is waaaaaay overkill. An FX5200 will do for her, at most.

Second, that RAM is incompatible with that mobo. Also, any reason you're going Intel?

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yeah an amd would be much cheaper for her and suit her needs fine
AMD 3200
2x512 coasair valueselect
eVGA 6800gs
MSI Neo4-f
Anec true power 480 watts

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Forget to mention my dad will also be using but only for internet and dvd burning.

DVD Burner (2 of these, for 2 DVD's burning at the same time)
Hard Drive

I don't need a video card, but if I end up taking it from her and she gets my crap, I can overclock the processor and put in a pci-e video card, and add some RAM

Still wondering about these questions:
1. Do you think I need one of those big fans, the 92mm zalman ones?

2. Where can I find pink cathodes?
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What is the best RAM for oc'ing?
and is this mobo good for oc'ing? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813138264

My mom basically gave me the green light to make this my computer and I'm giving my sister my current crap.

I want to OC the A64 3000 to 2.4ghz

I think I might get the 36 gig raptor for my main stuff and an 80gb raptor for movies and other music or stuff like that.
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if ur a pc noob go carful on the
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Much better setup...

Sempron 2800 or up (~$70 and up)
s754 G6100 motherboard, Biostar, MSI, and the ASRock are good ones
That mobo is pretty nice, has SATA II pcie and onboard GeForce 6100 gfx.
then nab 512-1gb ram
Then buy the biggest SATA HD you can afford
and a $40 DVD burner
then nab a cool micro case, like the Aspire X-qpack and your good to go.

all of that stuff can be bought off Newegg, tho the processor/mobo/ram can be gotten cheaper if bought as a bundle off of Mwave.

I can personnaly vouch for good performance from a setup like that. It's a nice budget computer that's also quite small.
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A few things, first off 512Mb of memory will be fine if she's just using AIM, email and iTunes. If you think she'll be multitasking a lot get 1Gb, but that's all that's necessary.

About the CPU, Go with an Athlon 64 3000+, no point in going with a high end Sempron really when you can get the full Athlon 64 CPU for a little more.

For the video card I'd say an X1300, X1300PRO or 7300GS. Your choice, but I'd reccomend those three.

Motherboard is your choice.

Since your on a budget, get a nice Thermaltake case with an integrated PSU.

For a HD, an 80Gb 7200RPM cost around $60 I think, good value.

Optical drives for what she wants to do run $25.

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