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Default Opteron vs. x2

Im thinking about building a new comp and for processors im really confused in what i should get. im not looking to spend that much, but i've been debating the opteron 165 and the x2 4400+, or maybe the x2 3800+. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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i love my 4200, but i have heard that since opterons are much higher quality (for servers) you can get them up to 3 ghz!! if i were to build a system now, i'd go for an opteron.


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I love my 4400+, the thing with opetron is that it will end up expensive Solution, so get few boards on 940-pins against many on 939-pins. and as well server boards arent with many features like desktop boards come.
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From what I have been able to find during my research, the Opteron 175 (Denmark core) is basically a X2 4400+ (Toledo core). People's comps are showing the cores of both as Toledo. And the 4400+ is about $50 cheaper.

Many reviewers recommend the 4400+, as it has the 2 x 1MB cache, and is the best value for the price. It's what I plan on getting... right now, anyway.

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I love my 4400+, the thing with opetron is that it will end up expensive Solution, so get few boards on 940-pins against many on 939-pins. and as well server boards arent with many features like desktop boards come.
Man....that's one choppy paragraph dude. Revise your grammar to make it easier to read.

The opterons he's talking about aren't for Socket 940 motherboards, they are for socket 939 and have been overclocking insanely high lately AND on top of that have been cheaper than the higher X2's. However, stock the opteron 165 is 1.8GHz and the X2 4400+ is 2.2GHz I believe.

Many reviewers recommend the 4400+, as it has the 2 x 1MB cache, and is the best value for the price.
The opteron 165 (which is what the thread starter said, not the 175) also has 2x1mb cache. As I said though, it's stock frequency is 1.8GHz, so you could save yourself like $150 if you just chose to overclock it instead.

I suppose nothing 100% guarantee's you'll get it up to 2.2GHz, but I don't think I've seen one yet not hit that.
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What?????????????? You haven't seen an opteron 165 hit 2.2 ghz? Most hit 2.8.
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There's always a possibility he could get a dud, and cant get past 2Ghz. He said he hasnt seen an Opty NOT REACH 2.2Ghz, so which means that you will most likely be able to overclock past 2.2Ghz
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the opteron 165 is a good choice. if you can get one of them and plan to overclock it would be great. if not like you mentioned before the 3800+ or 4400+ are good choices. the 4400+ (toledo core) is a different core to the 3800+ (manchester core). toledo cores are better than manchester cores, as they have 2x1mb L2 cache. the opteron 165 should perform roughly on par with the 3800+ at stock speeds. at least it should given the way the p-ratings are determined and that the 165 is basically a toledo core.
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the Opteron 165 runs at 1.8GHZ but has 2 x 1MB L2 cache
the X2 3800+ runs at 2.0GHZ but has 2 x 512MB L2 cache

some programs run better with more cache, some run better with higher core speeds. overall, the 3800+ and 165 are about as fast as each other.

though for overclocking, it is better to get the Opteron, because they have more cache.
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My 165 is at 2.8GHz on air cooling. It would go higher with better cooling as well.

so, umm, err yeah
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