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Tobes you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about when it comes to overclocking, I'm not flaming I'm just saying you are going to make a fool of yourself.

Asides from the massive change in architexture that has happend from a p1/k6 to a p4/opteron/athlon, and the fact that there dual core, you cant overclock a p1 to be as fast as a p4 it just doesnt make any sense. So before you go and post something where YOU just look like the raging fanboy, do some research.

As for XFX I've heard multiple bad things about them in the past, but apparently they are improving. Screw it though when EVGA is awesome, and are very nice about tech support. To me EVGA and BFG are the only ones I'd buy unless there is a compelling reason to go with another make.

Maxtor is Fine IMO, I use it as my storage drive, it was nice and cheap. I like my raptors more though .

A+ certified.
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Originally posted by The_Tobes99
well AMD K6 god ****, i used that to make a point not as a recommendation, you single minded fanboys following the trends on this site disgust me, there is NOTHING wrong with XFX, you just heard one bad story & u are anti XFX & call it a low quality prodect, same with maxtor,ONLY MAKE RECOMENDATIONS FROM EXPERIENCE!!!
While I think you're totaly ignorant in overclocking, I've been saying the same exact thing about trends on this Forum. Its disgusting how these 13 year olds repeat what they've heard somewhere else without knowing what they're talking about. Case in point: XFX. Some of the highest posters on this Forum think that XFX is a crap brand.

Originally posted by Mr_Threepwood
As for XFX I've heard multiple bad things about them in the past, but apparently they are improving.
[snipped]. You've only heard what others have told you on this forum, and guess what, they heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else, who has no idea what the [snipped] he was talking about. XFX isn't "getting better." Its always been good. Someone on his forum had a problem with XFX like 5 months ago and since then, XFX has become a taboo brand on TF. The [snipped] repeat what they hear, even reputed posters like Pzero (he had XFX as the least reliable brand in his sig for a while). Its sickening. Get out of this forum more and then we'll see what you REALLY know about hardware.

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The socket 939 opterons are basicly athlons. It's the socket 940 opterons that are only good for servers and things like that.
so, umm, err yeah
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I's say go w/ the x2 line if your not going to OC. Using an opteron in pretty much any regualr mobo voids the warranty so it's not like your risking anything by OC'ing it. The x2 however has it's warranty so it's better to get for non OCers.

Haha.. I don't know the people on these forums, and quite a few have been very helpful; Irsih, PP, 003 and many others, including Flanker. And I have to say Flankers right, a lot of people repeat what others say. I knew that when I was 8 and quite a few people couldn't figure out how it works in my advanced Psych. class Sigh...

I'll be honest, I only dislike Sony and ASUS. Sony cause I don't like them to start with, I dislike the Playstations and generally hate them/ their crappy products (their TVs suck fyi) and what they do.
As for ASUS.. It's mostly based off how they present their biz and products, and my friend has an nF4 ASUS board and I think it sucks... plus it's a very uncool yellow brown. Only my PII board can pull off the old crappy mobo color.

haha now others will take my hate and make it their own based on no real vaild proof.

As for the brand, I am totally going to buy an XFX 7800GT. Why? Mostly because the **** thing has an awsome black pcb and a freaking metal bar that's sopposed to stop it from bending but most likely just makes it weigh more. And it comes with games I'd like to play... Are those sound vaild reasons? NO! But it's not like they have to be god damnit! haha That's false hostility in case someone thinks I'm having convlusions over it or something.
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Default Re: Opteron 165 only good for Servers?

okay let's get back on topic and stop the cussing before I lock this thread!
Originally posted by EndofSanity
Okay, i have heard many gamers pleased with an OVERCLOCKED opty 165. But im wondering because moy local computer friends say its only good for servers. specs wise it looks very good, so i dont know. I will be gaming and if i get opty i will be overclocking. Whicih should i go with for gaming? not a server:P
that applies to socket 940 Opterons, which are the real server CPU's.
but the socket 939 Opterons are very similar to Athlon 64's, and are great for gaming.
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