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Old 11-19-2006, 11:11 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Nvidia Taking Over

Doesn't it seem that with the release of the G80s that nvidia has the upper hand here? I mean they release their DX10 cards way before ATI and they are almost breathtaking to even imagine.

Take a look at this: (You will need Acrobat Reader)

I don't think that ATI's design will follow in the same footsteps as Nvidia's G80.

I know they will have a physics engine too, but if they do a similar architecture and everything it will just look like a copy of Nvidia's work.

And just so you know... I'm am not a Nvidia fanboy, my first graphics card was the x300 and the second, is my current card the 6800gs

I will agree that i always thought that both ATI and Nvidia were both equally the same. But slowly Nvidia has been creeping ahead.

Yeah i know another ATi vs. Nvidia thread... hmm

But this one includes info on G80 and includes more facts than opinions

(EDIT) I also saw that the G80s had two SLI hook up thingys.. Just a hypothesis but i think they might include some sort of physics add on, and the possibility for QuadSLi (which is ridiculous)

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First of all, kudos for being more competent than 90% of Forumgoers and actually looking up those specs.

Since AMD bought out ATi, people have been noticing that ATi is lagging behind. Since the acquisition, AMD has been using ATi to basically focus on the chipset design, and people fear that it may get in the way of ATi's GPU sector. An example is the X1800 release; The cards were originally clocked much lower than the final versions. But when ATi saw how the GeForce 7800 was performing, they decided to dig in and take longer and spend more money to put out a better card. Otherwise, the X1800 would've been slower than the G70. If the same thing were to happen again, its not unlikely that AMD management wouldn't really care about that sector and would just put out whatever they'd already been working on.

I haven't heard too much about the R600, but I do know that it's supposed to have significant architectural changes when compared to the G80. I think they mostly have to do with the design of the pipelines, although not sure which ones exactly.

In any case, Nvidia is the only independent graphics chip maker in the market right now, and it's loving it. Nvidia's CEO remarked that he would never have imagined that ATi could give them such a nice gift.

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From what i heard, the new ATI card will leave the 8800GTX in the dust for quite some time!

But as of now, the 8800GTX is a dominant card. BEST ON THE MARKET!
However it is the first DX 10 CARD, so it should have some flaws.
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I wouldn't give ATi that much credit. There are quite a few people saying that ATi is going to dominate this round, but they have nothing substantial to back it up. I think its going to be the same old, "they're both equal" thing. Although I'm sure AMD's going to hold back ATi from making any sort of monster this time around.
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I dont care this will be going on for as long as these two companies are in business or another company comes along.I found out the best thing is to not pay attention and buy which ever has the better product.
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Here's an article explaining the R600 in a little better detail.

R600 Article

So, pretty much R600 > G80 in performance, who knows about the price though. Hopefully they drop significantly
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Originally posted by KingAustin
Here's an article explaining the R600 in a little better detail.

R600 Article

So, pretty much R600 > G80 in performance, who knows about the price though. Hopefully they drop significantly
Most of news that come from "theinquirer" is not true.

theinquirer once said that X1800xt will have 32 pipeline, but when it came out it had only 16 pipes

The same thing to 7900GTX, they said that it will have 32 pipes, but when it came out it had only 24 pipes

So, I don't trust theinquirer, and I don't agree that R600 will be better than G80.

You need just to wait and see benchmarks that compare R600 with G80

Also, don't forget that nvidia might release 8900 when R600 comes out
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I read The Inquirer daily, but I seldom take them seriously on hardware details. They have a lot of good, sometimes accurate stuff, but hardware isn't one of them. Still gotta love their sense of humor though, rivals that of Engadget.
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Old 11-22-2006, 01:40 PM   #9 (permalink)
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Kind of a rhetorical statement, but I think it would be a dream come true if they joined forces, could you imagine the possibilites?
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Psh, ATI blows and everyone knows it.

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