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Default New video card for larger monitor, need advice???

Okay, I have a PC that runs an older socket 754 mobo and AGP slot video card etc etc. It's my video gaming PC and movie editing/viewing etc. For Xmas however I'm getting a larger 40"+ widescreen monitor and need to know whether or not it's worth buying a 256MB graphics card for the AGP slot to match to a monitor of that size which requires such a resolution-able video card + dual-dvi ports etc.

Well I don't have any mobo's in the four towers I have that run anything newer than socket 754 lol. I'm outdated I know.

So, should I just get a 256MB video card for 4x/8x AGP slot of this newest PC, or save up and build a newer AM2 or conroe buildup for video purposes with a PCI-E slot for a better video card possibility and then get the bigger monitor to match to that system.

I figure I have so many PC's already I should upgrade them, but really I'd have to re-do everything inside to update them each. This one I'm on new, the newest 754 would need a new mobo, PSU to support the graphical power needed, RAM to match, hard drives with SATA etc. lol...

What do you guys think. If yay for get AGP card and monitor, what card. I only really see an XFX 256mb card for like $180 that could do what I want I think. Or...slowly buildup a newer PC unit alltogether for everything?

Thanks everyone for any input!

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best bet i think would be a straight up rebuild... bc like 754 is 2 modes behind.. liek if it was 939 it wouldnt be kinda as badd bc i know that they have some 939 pcie boards but not pos on 754 but yeahzers i think a new build would do good.. and then you could get liek whatever you want for cheaper......


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If you don't play games, your current card will be fine.
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My current card is a broken piece though lol. It's a 128MB GeForce Ti4200, oldassss card.

However yes, I rarely play games of any real stuff. I play FarCry, Starcraft and Tribes still, but that's about it lol...nothing new really. I'm about to try FEAR and PREY though this week, but it'll hafta be on lower settings with this crappy card heh.
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well with a tv that big the resolution will probably be 720P 1080i or 1080p... so the biggest resolution you'll be looking at 1950x1080 or something like that...

depending on the t.v...... if it is 1080p you'll need a pretty beefy graphics card.. but i think either way you could pick up a 7800gs and it'll do you good... seeing as it seems your not a hardcore gamer if you've been satisfied with that for so long.. lol
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Wow I remember having that card back like 4 years ago. I remember showing my friend the awsome graphics it produced, and we both oo'd and aah'd. Gosh...I remember for awhile the only way of making my PC sound good was to tell people, "I have a 128mb graphics card!".
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It's a great old card and the fan fell off yet it still works perfect lol!

Yeah I'm not a hardcore gamer anymore these days, just play a few older ones here and there. I think a 7800GS yeah should be okay.

I was looking at an XFX 7600GT 256mb, seemed good price range, but is there a better card out there for the money?

Thanks for everyones input guys!
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How about XFX GeForce7800gs AGP Extreme Edition or BFG GeForce7800GS OC, but in my opinion you should just buy a new computer
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I'd really enjoy buidling a new-end unit, it's just I'd rather dump the money on a bigger sexy LCD TV/Monitor like 42-50" screensize, then build a new PC.

I have 4 towers total laying around, one on NT 4.0/Win95, one for parts, one XP machine older, but storage network and this one I'm on now, video editing/gaming etc. I just can't do 5 towers lol. If I could transfer one to another perhaps, but some parts may not fit...kind of sucks. I'd really like to build a new unit though...maybe I'll start saving up for it and by Xmas setup the whole new system with a monitor...hmmm

I dunno yet...decisions decisions. Oh and yes I did see the BFG Tech OC version, I love BFG stuff hands down.

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