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Question New RAM timing

I have looked and cannot seem to locate as to why my 6 Gigs of Mushkin
DDR3 1333 (2X3) running in tri channel is showing different timings in CPU Z
1333 9-9-9-24 is reading 8-8-8-19 @ 535 Mhz. (Installed today)
The A-Data i removed 3 Gigs (3X1) was at 9-9-9-24
I have to chamge the settings in the BIOS for the same speed ram supposedly as what I had in it?
may sound dumb but i never had this happen before, then again I never had DDR3 1333 before
OH and the reason I am asking is because in the BIOS it shows 1333 not 1066

The RAM was sold as 1333 by newegg but it was in reality 1066 by Mushkin
Mushkin said i was effectively OC'ing the RAM if i ran it at 1333 and would deff have some effect on shortening the life of it, and Newegg got a talking to by moi and pulled it off thier web site. and is refunding my money. So if you ever see Mushkin ram sold as 1333 and the item number ends in 585 it is not 1333.

OK PART 3: Spent 3 hours looking into this.. apparently niether Mushkin tech i spoke with or the MSI tech are very qualified to do thier jobs.
The RAM is fine at 1333 according to "higher ups" at Mushkin the SPD reads 1066 but it will run at 1333 np.
I spent an hour changing settings in the BIOS to 1.5 V 9-9-9-24 but it changed nothing as far as the speed so I am about to give up.. WHAT!! NO WAY!! I shall return and have figured this out if it kills me ... and it might. wouldn't it be neat if 1333 ran at 1333 when you install it since the package ya baught says 1333. BAH TOO EASY!! O ya and the MSI guy by the time he learned English (not racist he honestly barely spoke English) had no idea wth he was talking about
and i had to explain it to him and by then realized i better just hang up.

thats whay i could not understand why the RAM on auto was defaulting to 1066.
Stay tuned for more exciting wth is atech doing??
I don't want no stinkin refund i wanna figure this out myself.. as in.. myself with anyones help on here that might now what I can do here.

OK i finally got it figured out... 1066 isnt so bad who needs 1333 anyways.
I am getting a headache.
I have no freakin idea why the settings won't hold i did all the homework did it right and it still at 1066. 8-8-8-19 I'll worry about it some other time.
If anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it.

Scarry = i had this entire conversation by myself.

Core i7 920, MSI X58 Plat. SLI, 6 Gigs Mushkin 1333,
Corsair TX750, Samsung Sata 2 500, VISTA 64 :cool:

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