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Old 11-08-2006, 01:20 PM   #11 (permalink)
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to answer your question that system is **** compared to what you could have for the same price

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well i can see this place is filled with ****ing retards later

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Old 11-08-2006, 01:26 PM   #13 (permalink)
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kinda irrational.. lemme tell you something.... honestly, you won't notice the difference between a 5000+ and an e6600... in real life things that is.. unless its burning dvd's n such

i understand not everyone wants intel, and i'm not gonna tell you to get intel.. i was just telling you some facts

i'll suggest to you that you find a 4800 instead though, they have double the cache and that makes a nice difference in multi-tasking.. as so i've found.. at least i think.. i noticed it.. lol

and with the money saved over, i would get a x-fi instead of an audigy, x-fi's produce insane sound... i've heard my friend z-5500's with an audigy 4zs or whatever its called.. and then with my old x-fi extreme music and z-5500's and the difference was noticeble, much more clarity and bass sounded better... so he ended up buying an x-fi.. lol
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you could also save some money and get a 7900gto when it comes back in stock. Its an underclocked gtx which outpreforms a 7950gt, but not by much. But its still like $30 saved.
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I was not trying to start a company war in anyway whatsoever, Infact, The poster of this thread agreed with me on the matter so I see you saying my statement is retarded to be pretty uncalled for. It's your opinion though, just like that was my opinion. I didn't say I'd rather buy an FX62, but I wouldn't use an intel rig regardless. Some people don't like/trust certain companies, it's all opinions and what that person wants in there computer. I'd rather use parts from companies that I prefere, it's that simple, nothing "retarded" about it. This thread wasn't supposed to be about who preferes what though and to Capy, I'm sorry my post sort of kicked that off, I'm sure you could still get help from this thread if everything gets back on track here.

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Old 11-08-2006, 03:28 PM   #16 (permalink)
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hey capy,
i have suggestions, and not a blast on your choice.
look at my setup in my sig...very similar.
i considered going with the 5000, and the 4600 as well. and the 3800.
the 4200 was the best for me, as it was reasonably priced (184.00), and a good overclocker. from the tests and reviews i have read, it overclocks quite a bit better(ie heat-wise and stock vs oc difference) than the 5000. now, if you are not going to oc, the 5000+ is a great choice. don't listen to all this us vs them crap, because the difference in a stock 5000 and a stock e6600 is not something you are likely to ever notice, unless you run benchmark tests on them both all day and that's it.
ok screw that.
you want something that will run games, and do your tedious office work?
you got no problems with your system. mine is a little weaker and it kicks arse.
a few suggestions:

if you are going to oc, go for 4200 or 3800. 4200 can oc to 5000 easily, with NO aftermarket cooling, just make sure you get a good case with fans and good airflow. 3800 can as well, but you will need to stress it a little.
i have the same mobo as you. i love it, very easy to set up...very stable (more so than the nforce 5-series). so, imo...good choice there. may have problems with the ocz ram, i have read quite a few reviews which state this. AND you will NOT be able to set the ram timings at 4-4-4-12 (which i have just found out for myself today), the ram voltage will not go high enough. you need at least 2.0, maybe 2.1 for it to run that high (props to the forum members who steered me in the right direction on that one), and this board does 1.9, no mas. so you will be able to get 5-5-5-15, tho which imo is pretty good because it gives you (if you oc your cpu to 2.65) 440mhz (=880mhz total effective), which is plenty fast and you ain't gonna have no problems. it's not like someone with an intel is going to come over to my house and say, "dang, your computer is soooooo slow compared to mine".
roger that.
i also oc my gpu a little (about as much as i could w/o raising the voltage), but with the 7950 you should be just peachy.
dude a lot of people busted on my choices as well, don't let it bother you. amd is good, so is intel. i just preferred amd. the price is not that different for very similar REAL WORLD performance. i don't necessarily agree with fade2black, nor disagree. for stock performance, a 4600 WILL beat a 6400 and be real close to a 6600. if you are a hard core overclocker, conroes are the best. if you are an easy does it im just learnin to oc like me, it's good to have a stable amd cpu that is tried and proven.
your moolah, your choice.
lemme know if you need more info, i have loads of amd review and test links that i studied before my purchase.

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