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Jophess 12-26-2007 07:34 PM

New build finally done.
Finally, after searching for a while for all the parts and having problems installing Vista, my computer is completely finished and running. (with XP)

The components are:

Gigabyte P35-DS3R
2x1gb Crucial Ballistix RAM
Intel Q6600 (stock)
8800GTS 512MB (stock)
320gb Seagate Barracuda
Lite-ON DVD burner
Corsair 520HX
CM 690 case

After running 3Dmark06, I got a score of 12,400. I'd say thats pretty good for everything set at stock speeds.

I just wanted to thank everybody here for the help they have given me, both directly and indirectly, for finding which components to buy.

Thanks again,


JoltFTW 12-26-2007 07:36 PM

Re: New build finally done.
very nice, congrats and have fun with it ;)

Blitersety 12-26-2007 08:55 PM

Re: New build finally done.
Oh thats good, I'm glad you got the problems all sorted out, sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Jophess 12-28-2007 12:15 AM

Re: New build finally done.
Just a quick question; In CPU-Z the core speed and multiplier seem to change.

It changes from 1600 MHz at an x6 multi to 2400MHz at an x9 multi. Is it normal for it to be changing back and forth like it is?

EDIT: I actually figured it out. It's because the speed will automatically go down when not at full load to conserve power. (At least I think thats why.)

Durftard 12-28-2007 04:00 AM

Re: New build finally done.
you can disable speedstep (EIST) in your BIOS

its a powersaving feature

gurusan 12-28-2007 04:02 AM

Re: New build finally done.
There's no need to change it.....

Prophet 12-29-2007 11:54 PM

Re: New build finally done.
i heard it can affect your rig negatively if its overclocked though, is this true?

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