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Originally Posted by Schecters View Post
In my computer-systems 1 class, the book we're using continuously suggests to use a ground bracelet. Obviously it's a smart choice. But who here actually wears one when they mess around with their computer?
Originally Posted by Grievearz View Post
I just hold the chassis to ground myself before touching anything. I've never had any problems with ESD with or without a bracelet.
Same here.

Originally Posted by Merkwürdigliebe View Post
yeah, computer stuff is generally much more rugged than one would think. I had my TNT2 stored away in a drawer and it rattled around in there all the time, I dropped it several times too and it has plenty of little knicks here and there from getting hit with screw drivers and such. After about 8 years, it still works like a charm.
I have a TNT2 aswell. It's a very resiliant little card.

I remember putting a big northbridge cooler on one, and adding a 120mm fan over it, with a duct I made using the top of a CD spindle and some masking tape.

I overclocked the bejeeses out of the thing, and ended up increasing its 3dmark01 score from 900 or so to over 1600

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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

Originally Posted by Invisible View Post
shaolin your going to have a killer build
how many vid cards?
i see you have a 780i board listed
Thanks mate,

Its about time im still on Intel socket 478, DDR400 ram, AGP graphics. Ive overclocked the **** out of it, anymore im scared my house will melt down, plus my eleccy bills are murder atm. So im planning to make this a really good built as im a hardcore gamer.. should be a huuuuge leap :laughing:

Just one Gcard to start, next pay day after get the second one

im aiming for good brand 780i, unless i can find a better SLi mobo crossfire is still not ruled out totally

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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

I usually just touch the case to ground myself but I did somehow fry a board one time which i sent back to newegg saying it was defective (it's very possible it actually was defective) but since then i payed $5 for one to use just in case if im working with my computer on a really shaggy carpet to be safe.
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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

I have to admit that I did when I when I first began working with the actual components of PC's...but I can't say that I wear it now. I just work on PC's on my pool table in my basement now xD. I do of course have a tarp that covers the pooltable, so I don't mess the felt up tho =P. And the floor I work on is carpeted, but it's that high-traffic kind of carpet, so not really static-inducing.
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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

If I'm completely dismantling my computer and handling lots of crap, I take my box into the dining room that has no carpet. But when I'm just troubleshooting my pc or whatever I do it on my carpet, usually wearing socks. I haven't run into any problems yet.

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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

I do it in my study/lounge/sh4g pad it had quite a thick carpet so very static inducing and I think my chair is constantly charged as it lifts the hairs on my arms from about 2" away. I have never grounded myself though.

I have a bigger problem that I recently discovered which is if I touch the front firewire port with anything it turns off the computer I guess it has a faulty charge going through it which overloads the psu but its great for when a game crashes much easier then holding the power switch for a few seconds, just tap the front with my finger and its ready to go
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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

When I work on my computer Im usually on carpet, wearing socks, and putting components on the floor.

Never had anything die on me aside from that damned p4 that got stuck to the heatsink and wound up having a couple of amputated pins... O_o
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Default Re: Nerd-bracelets

I generally like to work on my computer while taking a bath during a thunderstorm listening to the radio hanging from the shower curtain while making toast on the edge of the tub. But I've never bothered the a bracelet, basically cause I'm just to lazy. Though if I did/do one day fry a component from an static electric shock, I would deny it to the end

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