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Default Need some upgrade help

Hello, my first post on the forum. i do not really know if my PC is a High performance computer, but it runs pretty much everything.
I'm from Norway, so i'm sorry if my english isn't perfect.

My current setup:
- Cooler Master HAF 932 Black Big Tower
- Corsair Powersupply 750W Black, ATX/EPS,
- MSI P45 NEO-F, P45, Socket-775, DDR2,
- Intel Core2 Duo E8600 3,33GHz
- NorthQ 3580 Water Cooling Kit
- Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 4GB KIT CL5
- XFX GeForce GTX 275 640M 896MB PhysX
- Samsung SpinPoint MF1 160GB 7200RPM (Operativ System disc atm, got 2x 1TB discs mounted as well.)

If my monitors is interesting as well, i dualscreen a 24" BenQ FullHD LCD and a 24" BenQ FullHD LED. Im editing alot of pictures, im a part time photographer, so i need a good computer.

After i bought the PC listed above, i've changed the 240mm fan in the side with 4 120mm Zalman fans with a Zalman Fan controller (capable to controll 6 fans)

I've gotten alot of bluescreens after this upgrade, and i asume its the PSU that is to small. Im therefor upgrading to;
- Corsair HX 1000W PSU

I also want a ASUS Rampage Extreme, X48, Socket-775 mainboard, and DDR 1600Mhz RAM, but im not sure that it will work properly together. I'm sure you guys have alot more experience about this than i do, so please help me...

Btw, im gonna upgrade to i7 920 and SLI GTX 285 or something later.

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Default Re: Need some upgrade help


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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

i wouldnt put anymore money in another lga775 mobo, just save it and put it towards an i5/i7 build.

you started getting bsods after you upgraded the fans? i doubt the psu is the problem; a corsair 750w should handle your rig with no problems and upgrading to a 1kw hx psu is just overkill.
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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

Your Corsair 750 watt PS is more than enough power for your system.

What are the error codes your getting with the BSOD?
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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

Thats the funny thing... A error code doesn't come up, just bluescreen and power off...
the 1kw PSU will be used in the i7 computer too, upgrading bit for bit

EDIT: I usually get BSOD when i run Lightroom 2.6, Photoshop CS4 and (sometimes) Premier Pro CS4..
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I don't overclock
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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

just shooting some ideas

hard drive scan for bad sectors
running memtest to check for faulty memory
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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

PSU is certainly powerful enough. Could be faulty but you should check other things first (start with what Fat.Clown suggested).

There are in order of increasing severity: lies, darn lies, statistics, and computer benchmarks. - diskinfo man page
"Get your money and let's go to court!" - Craig Mudie, MS
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Default Re: Need some upgrade help

Ran mem test last week, and there were no faults with the RAM..
I'll try scanning the HDD's for bad sectors etc. Gonna Wipe all my discs and reinstall everything next weekend too.

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