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Question Need more storage for my PC - Drive Array?

Well, it's that time for me again. I have money, and I need to spend it on computer hardware because... well, I just do.

Anyway, my problem at the moment is that I'm running out of drive space, and I can't bring myself to delete stuff. I also hate optical media - I mainly use it for backups, as I really prefer having all my "stuff" at my fingertips without thumbing through a DVD spindle or two. Besides, I can't RDP into my DVDs anyway.

I already have 4 internal SATA devices - a 72GB, 10K RPM system drive, a 250 GB, a 160 GB and my trusty Plextor DVD burner. And I have a slew of about 8 external drives - they're mainly older IDE drives in USB or firewire exclosures (4 80 giggers, 2 60's, a 40 and a 20, I think). I like the external drives because it's easy to add or remove them or shuffle them between systems, but it's getting to be a bit of a pain to find space for all of them where they'll have good airflow, be out of sunlight and not be prone to be stepped on, bumped into, etc.

My first thought was a RAID card. Buy 4 new "smaller" (~200GB) capacity drives, pop them into a RAID5 set, and boom - another 600 Gigs to burn through. But I don't have room inside my case, and I can't very well start duct taping drives to the side of my case. Well, maybe I could, but I'm not gonna. Any way around this you guys know of?

So then I thought [external] "drive array!" I'm screwing around with that 2 TB SCSI drive array at work, and the unit's like 8 years old by now. Surely there are some sweet, cheap ones out there for PCs... shockingly, no. :speechless: $3,000+ SATA drive arrays that are clearly aimed at servers, or the cheapass "up to 4 or 5 drive" drive arrays, which seem to be glorified boxes to basically hold multiple external drives - no RAID support, container management, etc. What the ****? I gotta be missing something.

Am I missing something? Does anyone here run a setup with an external drive array unit that doesn't cost a few grand, or act as a box to put drives in? Or have an idea of where I should look for this sort of thing?

This one looks promising, but it needs an $800 adapter card for full utilization, and might not be PC compatible anyway. It's definitely meant as a poor-man's server drive array setup.

Anyway... any one know anything that might help me for less than the cost of a new PC, or where to find help?

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Default Re: Need more storage for my PC - Drive Array?

i definately know almost nothing to the subject if you have that many drives, but why couldent you just externally usb some tera hd's? It would be MUCH cheaper to grab lets say 750 or a tera hd's for a few hundreds each and just usb them, or replace one inside for speedier access and put the inside one in an external cover? if your out of usb bays, just unplug the ones you arent using at the moment. You could also get one of those usb hub splitter things that splits a usb port into like 4, you would jsut have to make sure to get one that has powered usb (or else it cant power the hd)

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Default Re: Need more storage for my PC - Drive Array?

How bout something like this: - Cavalry CADA002SA4 2TB 7200 RPM RAID eSATA Personal Disk Array - Retail

1.5TB in raid5 external.
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