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Default Re: Need help bad

Originally Posted by PP Mguire View Post
I saw over on OC you were running Samsung RAM. Those look to be the sticks that a ton of TPU guys gobbled up to try and get ridiculous clocks on and it was a 50/50 chance whether or not it would happen. Back then, I just bought the HyperX T1s and ran them at 2000 with ease LOL.
No need to apologize, I love hardware and tweaking as well. Just the majority of people who post in these areas are here for a budgeted basic build (usually for gaming) and wont ever tweak to get maximum performance. That's why I was saying (a lot lately it seems) these 1600MHz kits are quite fine for anybody. You kinda proved that too. Memory bandwidth isn't an issue and hasn't been for quite a while. I could run my quad kit at 1066 and I wouldn't see an FPS difference. Hence why I've been saying, 1600 8's, 9's, 11's whatever, these people wont notice the difference because it isn't there.

If they want to benchmark and overclock, sure, I'll point them in the right direction.

I even linked to my review coworker running a game with 2800 Plats. 3FPS difference on a 600 dollar kit of RAM, with a CPU clocked to handle the higher bandwidth. That was also on the IGP, which will deliver better performance with higher system RAM frequency.
Never heard of 50/50 all of us who own them every single one got the clocks we wanted out of them. There is no 50/50, as its purely what the memory is capable of on the 30nm manufacturing process. What i'm getting at is if he can find kits that perform better while running at lower volts for the same price. Even GSkill uses Micron D9's, so there isn't any reason to favor one brand over the other. Just look for the best performing kit at that price point. For me it was Samsungs 30nm wonder ram, I could probably get 9-9-9-24 on 1.20v on these. I just am not bothered by losing timings especially when my timings are already extremely tight for very few volts. Memory isn't an issue while gaming, its just an issue with your own comfort zone. I myself am not comfortable running memory over 1.5 volts. You can run your memory at 1.65v for many years perfectly fine, I just don't find it appealing to automatically have overclock voltages on your memory when they come stock with a cas latency of 11. You and I both know that's kinda a rediculous set of ram. They are probably awesome once you set an XMP profile, just stupid how they come like that stock.

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Default Re: Need help bad

Just what I was witnessing over on TPU. Mostly AMD guys trying to get over 1866 on the P2's and the IMC was the limiting factor.

The kit of RAM isn't bad for its purpose. The guy wants a gaming rig for a less than 1000 dollar budget, and it was the cheapest kit of RAM at the time. Right now (or maybe yesterday) they had a shell shocker for some Vengeance RAM, but as it stands timings or not, the bottom line is still the same. His money is better served in the CPU and GPU, more so the GPU.

I stopped being anal about RAM once I made the jump to DDR3. I used to spend a long time tweaking my DDR and DDR2 to get the best performance, but those days are over. If you have a sufficient amount of RAM running 1600 you're golden on a gaming rig. I'm not too anal about the voltages anymore either. Considering before Core i volts were 1.9 and higher for kits hitting 2000. I had a set of 1.9v G.Skill 2000MHz Black Pi running on my 955BE. Taking that into consideration, 1.65v is low. As of currently, I'm running 1600 1.5v with 8's vs running 2133 even though I have a very large RAMDisk. Running any game or program in my 8TB arsenal I have not seen a difference. I only crank them to 2133 for benching, which happens less frequently. Very less frequently. Will start doing that once my phase unit is fixed.

I'm guessing you have a good rig. You should post it up and throw down some benches in the OC sub-forum.

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