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Default need advise , should i buy a 64BIT machine ?

im now in a big indecision.
i was told by my father to buy a new pc and the "old" one to give it to him , and why do i wrote "old"

my pc is a p4 3ghz 1gb memory .
3 h.d in total of 280gb
2 dvd-rw nec + lg
inside cooler system cant remember the type but huge fan work on oil i think and ati radeon x800
and a monster case.

my prob is that i think that buying a new pc today will have to be a dual core (64bit) - i realy dont understand on those spec.
the h.d's and dvd-r are moveable and those are not a factor, what is a factor is the video card , which wont fit to the new pc that probebly will be a pci-e slot and mine is an agp.
my father is not a gamer and as i said at the first post is only want to be able to play falcon 4 af, but in the other hand im am a gamer and think that a new machine will have to be with at least parallel to the 800xl that i have , and that my sort of new ati card (only 5 month) will be "wasted".
furthermore to make a good machine with a parallel video card will probebly cost me a lot of money.

my budget is between 850$ - 950$ .

what is your opinion , should i just by to my father a new pc , and forget from the 64bit for the next year or two ?

does vista will be so great that ill be sorry for not buy a 64bit machine ?

thanx for you opinion

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You can get a 64bit chip that isn't dual-core. You can also buy a motherboard that is AGP.


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give ur father the pc and build this.

AMD 64 3700+
MSI K8n Neo something or other
2x1gb OCZ value ram
WD Caviar 250GB

that should get u started.
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Old 04-17-2006, 11:48 AM   #4 (permalink)
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ur pc is fine wait a while until intel and amd realse their new processors.

I have a amd 3000(equals a p4 3 ghz) 64 bit and a 660o gt 1 gig and it handles games fine just wait man.

buy ur father the lowest dell u can find.
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yeah if you just going to be using a PC for general use, all you need is a dell and maybe a RAM upgrade.
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so please suggest me a system for my father so he would enjoy from it , and that he could play falcon 4 allied forces which is the heaviest thing he will do with that , he isnt a gamer he just fall in love in that game after he see me playing that.
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Old 04-18-2006, 01:43 AM   #7 (permalink)
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is your specification is a 64bit , or not ?
can this spec be able to run falcon 4 well ?
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i went to a pc store and got this offer , please tell me what you think of it , (still for my father)

P4 3GHz 64BIT 2MB
motherboard asus p5rd1 or msi 649 (they told me that the msi is stronger)
memory 512mb ddr 400mhz
video card - geforce 6200 or radeon x300 128mb upto 256mb i can add 40$ and get NX7300 (between the 6200 and the x300 they suggested the 6200)
h.d wd 160gb sata2
dvdrw sony/lg/nec X16
screen 17" samsung/viewsonic/aoc/lg/benq/mag
mouse and keyboard wireless
2 speakers
network card
sound card

in toatal of 890$
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Don't buy that system. There is no obvious advantages to getting a 64bit CPU for a PC! It just happens that all new AMD CPUs support 64bit processing. Buy a Dell with a normal Pentium 4 CPU. Falcon 4 only needs a Pentium 166MHz and 32 MB Graphics Card (which means the onboard graphics card will handle it). Any Dell or EMachines will do for what you want!

Check this page for a Emachines :

*edit* and just add this monitor:

That works out cheaper than yours, and will do pretty much the same, except play high end games.
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thats still a lot... i would just give that comp to your dad and build yourself a better one... you can put it together yourself right? get something along the lines of this...

case $45

psu $51

motherboard $80

X2 3800+ $297

OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Platinum System Memory $189 - $50mail in rebate = $139

seagate 80gb HD $51

eVGA 7600gt $179 - $15mail in rebate - $10combo special = $154

total: $881.96 - $65 mail in rebates = $816.96

thats a great computer.. but as you can see it doesn't include monitor/opticals, etc. (just the essentials...)

if you like mail-in rebates, maybe get thsi vid card instead..

if you're not gonna build yourself a comp.. then just go buy the CRAPPIEST dell you can get for like $300 which includes monitor...and give that to your father.

edit: i just noticed.. if you build your own comp, you can save another $50 by taking one of the 3 hard drives from your other computer. just make sure its 7200rpm and 8mb cache and its all good. take a slave or something so that you don't have to reinstall windows or anything on your dad's comp....

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