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Default Need Advice I just bought the AMD CHIP 4800

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4800 is the chip I bought for 800.00 and I am trying to build a monster system.
Like every other week when I get paid buy one more piece at a time. Soooo

Here is the deal
First question The chip comes with a heat sink and a fan included should I use that one or get a better one?

Second question What suggestions for a board and a tower? I need a tower and case that supports the new video card slot pci express and the ram ddr x 2 i think. I am trying to spend 200 to 400 bucks every 2 weeks on 1 item at a time so I can have the uber machine lol.....
The video card I am buying is ati is that good with that proccessor or is nvidia better? I am gonna spend 400 bucks this week on the video card sooo? I heard some other card for like 500 bucks is the best ?

Of course this is gonna be for a gaming/ everything computer.....
I f someone could help greatly appreciated.

I also think am i correct all the stuff I need is

video card
sound card
ethernet card that is it right?

Also one other question Fryes computer store told me that when I get a case it is better to get a case
without the power supply so they said buy the tower and the power supply separately what do yall think?
they said usually the case can come with one but can be crap...

You can email me back if want at thanks all ..........
And am sorry if I sound like an ideot or the questions are lame...lmao

OOOPs I forgot that Fryes computer store told me also that a socket 939 was the best motherboard type to get?
to get is this true?

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ok, DO NOT go with ATI, absolutely go with nvidia, they are way better unless u want to wait a week or two and get the upcoming ATI X1800XT. still, go with the nvidia 7800GTX from eVGA

about the heatsink, it is definitely worth ur money to get a great heatsink, u can defintely afford it if u got a X2 4800+, lol, a good one to get is the Zalman 7700, every1 loves that heatsink

yeah, ur definitely going to want a seperate psu than the one u get in the case, a really good one is the the PC Power and Cooling 510 watt sli power supply

about the case, thats more of a matter of preference, my personal favorite is the Thermaltake Armor Case, its big enough for u to put basically ANYTHING in there

with the mobo, the best is definetely the DFI Lanparty SLI-DR, great for overclocking and works really well with any AMD cpu

memory-wise, ur gonna want 2 gigs of good stuff from OCZ, they are already super fast and u can overclock really well with them, look at their Titanium series if u can afford it, which it looks like u can

for the sound card, get one of the new X-Fis from Creative, much more powerful then their audigy 2 series, i think the X-Fi Xtrememusic would be good unless ur into editing and stuff like that


Video Card:




Case: (Its only $139!)

Sound Card:

Power Supply:

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You've got a great start with the 4800 (drool, drool).

I agree with Spartan's recommendations for the most part. The vid card, mobo, memory, and sound card are sure bets.

Although I love the look of the Armor case, I would go with this one:
Why? It's Antec, and comes with an Antec 500W modular PSU.

As for your heatsink, stay with Zalman, but look at this one:
It outperforms the CNPS7700-CU.

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HMMMM one question though on the memory wouldn't it be better to get the new memory i think it is called ddr x 2 memory?
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DDR2 only works with Intel mobos for now.
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the new M2 sockets from AMD will support DDR2

get the CNPS9500 which is way better like trotter said

DFI NF4 ultra-D board is fine to but you can go with the SLI-DR sense you have the money. you might want to wait for the X1800XT > 7800GTX lol

get some nice OCZ ram or *.Skill. get some DDR600 or something so you can OC that X2!
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yea get *.skill pc4800

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