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burned-ati 09-26-2005 01:15 PM

my new upgrades !
hello i realized that my computer is in need of some upgrades,i just spent $230 at heres what i got. should be an awesome performance difference

(geil ddr 500mhz memory)

(rosewill powersupply 34 amp 12v rail)

(zalman vf700-cu vga cooler)

idiotec 09-26-2005 01:41 PM

That's some nice stuff, but I don't really see how you will get an 'awesome performance difference' from it, no offense.

The XP 2500 has an unlocked multi right? Make sure to get the most out of that RAM by lowering the multi if you have to. You should be able to go 250x9 or somewhere around there and have about the same CPU speed but increased bandwidth.

Was your PSU a limiting factor in your OC'ing ability? If so, then maybe yeah, you'll be able to get a higher CPU clock as well.

I guess you'll be pushing the 6600GT further as well, so hey maybe it will be a pretty decent upgrade lol. Congrats ;)

burned-ati 09-26-2005 02:17 PM

well i see it as a big upgrade because right now im running 512mb of 350mhz memory which sucks lol when my new parts arrive i will be running 1gb dual channel 500mhz memory well i will run it as fast as my motherboards voltage will let me. and with my video card its stock cooler will be thrown out. and maybe i will be able to run its core to 600mhz with this zalman thing and im having problems with my psu in use now because low amount of amps. so im pretty sure 34 amps is gonna do it with this new powersuplly. and im sure i will get a better overclock with my cpu i can run it at 2.5ghz with 1.89 volts and along with some pc4000 memory i should be pushing some where in the 5.7gb a second memory reading range which in my opinion is alot because i only get 2.4gb a second now lol, and my games should run really smooth with 1 gig

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