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adam06 03-25-2006 06:25 AM

Motherboard Choice
Ok, I have a list of mobo's (AMD SOCKET 939) can you choose one that is the best for playing games:

Abit KU8

Abit UL8

Asus A8V-E SE

Asus A8V

Elite RS482

Gigabyte GA-K8NS


Thanks alot!!!

PZEROFGH 03-25-2006 07:04 AM

I would have to say the MSI K8N NEO2-PLATINUM which i have for sale :) Is the best s939 AGP mobo for overclocking, stability, and gaming :D

Mentali$T 03-25-2006 07:10 AM

If you are upgrading then i would say go for atleast a pci-e motherboard. AGP are going out and SLi and crossfire are coming in. just last week i bought the asus a8r32 mvp deluxe crossfire 3200. Its the best board out at the moment. It has best overclocking and stability. i bought this so i wont need to upgrade for a while theres no point in paying £80 for something that will only last you a year at tops.

adam06 03-25-2006 07:11 AM

AGP! aint it got PCI-E??? how much r u sellin it 4

Mentali$T 03-25-2006 07:14 AM

LOL. dont buy it theres just no point. If hes selling it then it can't exactly be very useful for todays games. SLi or crossfire is the way to go. when Unreal Tournament 2007 comes out you will see these mobos fly!

PZEROFGH 03-25-2006 07:17 AM

I still dont get why people say SLI is the way to go

PM sent

adam06 03-25-2006 07:17 AM

so what mobos can i get for around £40 thats PCI-E?? aint any on there ?

Mentali$T 03-25-2006 07:19 AM

Yeah i read that but you have to think about future games. You think about running unreal tournament 2007 on a single card with resolution of 1600 x 1200 with highest settings its just not going to work. You getting a dual core processor? you want to even if its just the x2 4200+ because games in the near future will be using this too.

Mentali$T 03-25-2006 07:21 AM

Oh didnt realise your tight budget, sorry. ummm have a look around or they got good prices usually lower at ebuyer.

Trifid 03-25-2006 07:22 AM


Originally posted by adam06
so what mobos can i get for around £40 thats PCI-E?? aint any on there ?
Try this one:

But don't go with the SLI and Crossfire are the future. They are not, the PPU is the future. :p

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