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Default Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield WORTH IT?

So if one can afford the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz for $999.99 into the system budget, is it really worth it,? when compared to the dual core E6600? Or should money go elsewere?

I got this response from another forum.... what do you think?

"I won't even bother with the kentsfield, because most application are only beginning to utilize two cpus, getting 4 is just overkill. I very much doult you will get any real performance by going from a duo core to a quad core. The price definitely don't justify it. I recommend buying a E6600 then overclock it to 3.2, this should be easy. Also correct me if I am wrong, but the physical architecture of the 775 socket is still 32-bit wide. That mean bandwidth could be the limiting factor in the performance of a quad core. The core is useless unless you can get data to it, and getting 4 core worth of data through a 32-bit bus could be prove difficult."

Is this true? Is buying the Kentsfield chip really blowing away about $500.00. If true, could it be considered an investment fo when applications can utilize 2 cpus or 4? When it comes to building a system thats low maintanance and will last a good while?

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if you really want to pump cash into the processor, I would say get it, but you probably won't see much preformance boost unless you do A LOT of stuff or until they start coding things with quadruple threads, which is probably 2 or so years off. personally, I would stick with the 6700, eVGA 680i, and get a 4gb kit of G.skill.
as for the case, I say go with the TT Armor with the HUGE freaking 25cm fan

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Originally posted by NosBoost300
i didnt read anything, but i'm going to say that the 680i is a beautiful motherboard.. and i love the way everything is laid out... it's even got a power button on it so you don't even have to have it in a case!!!! Everything is just sexy about it, its just too bad mine isnt working... imma try and give it another go tomorrow before i decide to RMA it.. because i really want this board to work... and with the CNPS 9700 on it... it was just gorgeous
some1 is in love with their board! but waiting seems like a good idea, and quad core is so hardcore!! (thats intels quote)
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Personally, I wouldn't even touch the 680i boards. They have a lot of problems. If you go to the evga forums you can see some on the glitches people have. If you do get the 680i board don't put your ram over 2.1volts because a lot of people have there ram die/burn up over time. Also ingore my sig, I changed it because I heard the horrible stories. I would get a asus p5b Deluxe. If you plan to get sli, don't, unless you know that you want get much performance out of it. You think you would get alot more but no.

As for your processor. I would either go quad-core or the e6600. You can over clock it far fast the e6800. Alot cheaper, and not a waste of time.
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Originally posted by aspire.comptech
Also got the AW9D-Max, Its a great board and is incredibly stable, 3.6 24/7 on my e6600

Supports both sli and crossfire, something no other board does, and looks good while doing it lol
It does both crossfire and SLI?? That is awesome.

And when did you finally get the 680i Nos?? What the problem you are having with it? PM me with it. I have had 3 of them and have read extensively on most of the possible error codes that you can get so I might be able to help you out.
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Default Re: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield WORTH IT?

Originally posted by swann
So if one can afford the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz for $999.99 into the system budget, is it really worth it,? NO.

Is this true? YES.
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hrmm... i would just go for the e6700... i regret not getting it.. because the 9 times multi makes it hard to hit 4.0 ghz.. i think it'd be just a tad bit easier with the e6700

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