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Old 08-31-2005, 01:12 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default More RAM?!

More RAM?!

Since i am new to this whole comuter gaming world, and i have an addictive personality; I have been going overboard with upgrading and research and whatnot. Here is my system.

Evga GeForce 6800GT
1 gb RAM (2x512)
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
160GB 7200RPM HD

I was asking about a GeFORCE 6600GT with 1 gb of RAM on another thread for my brother's computer. I wanted to know how well FEAR and Battlefield 2 would run on this. And DJ_CHRIS told me that the 1 gb of ram would be holding back the system rather than the 6600GT. Of course I'm thinking - I have a 6800GT?! the ram must really be holding that thing back. I wanted to get get other opinions on this because it is a lot of money to ditch my 512's for two 1024's. Would the boost of performance be worth this upgrade?

I'm by no means saying that DJ_CHRIS is wrong. It's just that a month ago, everyone told me to go with 1 gb of ram because 2gb would be overkill. Also, DJ_CHRIS didnt see my specs when he said this. (another component might bottleneck the system with 2 gb )

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1GB is plenty for anything you're going to run now. maybe in at least a year, you could upgrade to 2GB when programs use more memory

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actually, BF2 is one of those games that would benefit from having 2GB's of RAM, believe it or not...

how 512mb was the 1GB is the norm, then 2GB will be required, eventually to run high textured on-line games like BF2.

the 6800GT should be just fine...more RAM in this case would help a lot, acutally.
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yup bf2 is such a power hungry game. Your system with 2gbs of ram would run bf2 great. The system id want to build to garentee good gameplay is:
DFI Lanparty Sli Mobo
Evga 7800gtx
Amd 64 3200
2gb patriot (2x 1gb pc3200) dual channel
250gb 10,000rpm hd

Not neccessarily overkill but will definatly play any game good. Theres actually someone out there with the almost same exact setup.
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2x 750GB
HD 5750 @ 850/2400
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Until the release of the BF2 demo, more than 1 gig was abosuletly unnesscary and crazy.

PC's change rapidly
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Fact is, One gig will suite you fine. Look at my specs, 1 GIG with a GT (2 512 sticks), and I play BF2 with:

All setting high except lighting, average 78FPS, peak at 98 and low is 39.

That's great IMO, give or take a couple frames and you will be fine. There is NO WAY a game is going to demand 2 gigs of ram to run it anytime soon, they just plain won't make money.
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Cool thanks. I run BF2 at maximum everything with what i have now. It was FEAR that i was mostly concerned about, as i need to tone that game down a few notches. Not sure what im gonna do. Thanks for all the input.
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IMO you only have enough RAM when you can't afford more, and then you need to buy a little more. One other thing... why not just buy more RAM? more RAM for me please.
I\'m happy with it.
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Originally posted by BColes
IMO you only have enough RAM when you can't afford more, and then you need to buy a little more. One other thing... why not just buy more RAM? more RAM for me please.
I have been hearing that windows doesnt like more than 2gb of ram. If this is true, than that is why you shouldnt buy more ram.
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I have 4 GB in the new system that I just built this week. At first Windows XP only recognized 2.75 GB. I called my motherboard manufacturer and they said that Windows 64 will recognize the 4GB but XP won't. They had me flash my bios and now it recognizes 3.25 GB.

AMD 64 4000+ San Diego
4 GB Memory
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