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Default Master/Slave Drives

I recently got an 80GB 7200RPM Harddrive added into my system, but instead of swapping it out with my old one, the guy just added the new one in. This worries me because I'm pretty sure the old on is only like 5400RPM, so if he set the new one as the slave drive, will the computer only run at 5400RPM?


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I think you are confusing the HDD speed with memory speed. As far as I know, HDD speed doesn't decrease with two different speed HDD's on the same IDE channel running independently.

The RPM's of a HDD refers to (Rotations Per Minute) 5400RPM = 90
7200RPM's = 120. What's rotating? The Platters inside the HDD were the data is stored. So the faster the platters can rotate the faster the read/writes will be.

The only way that the difference of speeds would effect each other would be in a RAID 0 array. Then data is striped across both drives.
So since both drives would be running at the same time, to read or write the same data, the 5400 would be a bit slower.

But since the new 7200 is just added as an additional drive it works independent of the other drive. The new drive would be prefect for storing media or even installing games on. Also, put your windows paging file on that HDD.

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Rotation speed affects seek time usually. Transfer speed is limited to the interface of the drive.

The computer will not run at 5400 rpm.
An operating system works by handing over service to processes and then returning to the processing stack.

Most core components of an operating system are loaded into the ram during boot.
If you have multiple cores, the computer doesnt have to throw out processing data out a processing stack as soon go throw open another program.....the new program is ran on the next available core.
When a program is run, it is loaded into memory(ram) and that is why you need deconstructors to indicate to the garbage collectors which allocations of memory are no longer needed and can be cleared out of the memory. Cleared datatype\objects can no longer be called until they are re-initialized.
C\c++ are lower languages because you have to manually indicate to the garbage collector manually or a small program may just keep getting bigger and bigger....
(J++)++ , J# or as most people refer to it, JAVA is much more developed in many ways.
Recently, developer struck back at sun by developing (C++)++ or C# which looks exactly like java.
C# is a compilation of many different programming languages.
C# does have a garbage collector.....
Oh, sorry.....did I start to ramble.......

I guess apps on the 5400 would open slower(seek slower), and the speed of tranfer would depend on the interface on the drive.

Any app on the 7200 would open faster(seek faster) and the speed of the transfer depends on the interface.

Open task manager and you'll see explorer.exe running in the memory.

The time it takes windows to load into ram will also be affected because of seek time......
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