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Default Re: Re: Logitech Z-5500 - Future Proof?

Originally posted by fr34ky
You totaly played out the meaning of future-proof.In my opinion those speakers SUCK.But You probaly didnt spend 4k on a home sterio like me.And NO there not Bose I hate those cruddy excuss for a expensive speaker. Yamaha RX-777 receiver
4 Klipsch Copper TOWER speakers
2 10" Wide Frequancy Woofers on Each
My system makes F.E.A.R. a hundred times better.
IMO your mixing two different things. I have the z-5500's, they are great computer speakers.

I emphasise that because yes, they do not come close to a nice home stereo setup. For that I have Paradigm Sig2's and Rotel Pre/Pro. I just don't even think of comparing those two different type of set ups.


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What I meant by "future proof" is that there's 7.1 speaker systems out there and DVD companies making 6.1 DTS soundtracks. As far as I'm aware Logitech haven't made either a 6.1 or 7.1 system and was wondering what was the likely hood they're going to release one onto the market.

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Originally posted by apokalipse
the Z-5500's do not suck at all.
sure, they won't compare to a $4000 home stereo system. but as far as computer speakers go, they're among the top.

some people prefer the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 speakers over the Z-5500's
Agreed. I've had the z5500's for awhile now and I couldn't be happier with this set. As computer speakers they are fantastic. They also offer 2 other outputs, Digital Coaxial and Optical. This gives you the option to use them for a "Console" and also another unit of some type. I use them for my PC, PS2 & my digital Cable TV box. So i get three uses out of my speakers for $279. For me tha's a pretty darn good deal.

On the other hand, I bought and installed the Klipsch Promedias 5.1 for a client of mine whom refused to use logitechs, ? i don't know why, he was kinda wierd... but anyway, They also sound incredible. yet, you can only use them as PC speakers and don't get the 3 output feature the z5500's give you.

So pick one of those 2 and you'll be in PC audio heaven.
BTW: Please, have a good sound card, don't use onboard sound...
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I'm pretty much sold on the Z-5500s I've got X-FI and will be using them for PC speakers, DVDs and perhaps on a console. I just don't want to see a new and great 6.1system from Logitech in a months time or something.
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Got the x-fi and the z5500s.

you will have an excredibally hard time finding something they wont do well together. i pump them full blast through both software and the hardware volume and it is still crystal clear, and gets the cops called on you even when you're in the basement...

so yeah, they are incredible. also, the xfi will be great for headphones if you ever want them.... personally, head sets suck though .
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i have z 5500 and love them, i havent seen anyone with better ones than these for pc speakers. (in my area) i have had alot of compliments on them. ive owned them for like 1.5 years maybe. somthing like that and theirs still no better ones around yet that are even considerably in my price range

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Originally posted by gurusan
yeah..future proof? Speakers aren't the same as other puter hardware that can get outdated.

I have a z-5500 and it's awesome. I have it in a 20x14 ft room and at full blast these things shake the entire room. 500 watts in a home system is so much more than in a car.

I have 900 in my car and it's about as loud as my z-5500 while being crystal clear.
thats cause theyre wired at different ohms. the z-5500 are wired at 8ohms as with most home audio equipment. if your saying your car audio is 900 watts oem then its probably wired at 2ohms.

plus those things bs if its from an unknown brand. like on newegg they have 3000watt pc speakers for only 20 bucks!!! woo hoo

the logitech z-5500 does have a kick *** subwoofer. i knocked down a painting off a wall in the room next to me no joke.

most high end home theater systems(bose, nakamichi, Denon etc) have really crappy subs anyway so i prefer the z-5500 over them anyday
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no it's not some cheap ****....I have a pretty good setup in my car and I was talking about the RMS rating.

And I have 2 amps, one running in 1 ohm giving 600rms to an Elemental Designs e13kv.2 and a 300 watt 2 channel in 4ohm giving 150rms to each CDT CL-61a front speaker.

Sounds amazing and crystal clear
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those cdts are nice speakers one of the best for the price
but still yeah the watts are measured different so you cant really compare them.

900watts car audio can get louder than the z-5500 easily.

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