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Default Just curious...Vista

What is it about Vista that everybody hates so much? I use it and yes, it has a few little quirks but so does XP. I find Vista stable and easy to use. I like it and am just curious what it is that I'm missing that everybody hates about it.

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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

it isnt good for people with low spec systems, which i can see you dont qualify as.

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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

Why should the OS take up more operating power than it needs to? What does that achieve? OO yay! swirly stuff in 3D. The OS should be as invisible as possible, surely. If I could, Id be over to linux like that.

Its the same with, say, Itunes or Microsoft word. Take ages to load up, or do anything, have too many redundant options which just fight each other, and in the end, you can download winamp 2, which takes up 2MB, does everything instantly, folds into a nice innocuous corner, and doesn't try to jump in your face everytime you want to listen to some music.
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

Now linux isn't THAT small. it really depends on which disto you use, what WM you have etc etc. but compared to Linux, windows vista is one steaming load of bloated code. A lot of stuff doesn't work in it and aero is annoying. UAC is the devil and the drm protection means they can shut you down from anywhere. not cool. thats why im still on xp.

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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

my problem is that the average joe doesn't know much about computer and when the hear the hype about new os and go buy it. I have a friend at work bought at walmart and it came with 512 ram maybe 1gb and believe it or not running into memory issue? hum
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

vista is actually much more stable than xp, the aero design can be turned off if you have low specs. its also more secure and connectivities are better. i really dont know why people are dissing it. im running vista is its been great. had a few problems to begin with but all has be solved.
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

Yeah, but you aren't exactly cursed with a vintage 1940s computer are you?

The point is, wouldn't you prefer to have an OS that didn't use up half of your computer's memory? All you actually need it to do is to allow you to access files, and run programs, which the windows format does very well.

Why, then, is there all this need for gimmicy 3d switching, graphic intensive windows, integrated photo editor?

You don't want your computer spending all its time doing that kind of thing, you want it to put it's resources into running the programs that you want to run!

EDIT: sorry for the speil, it just a little gripe I have with microsoft's (and apple's) design policy. Everything that they say in those demo presentations about VISTA, has me thinking 'URG! thats exactly what I don't want my OS to do'. I already spend ages telling XP to stop doing things I don't tell it to!
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

The problem with vista IMO is the fact that you must have a pc with really good specs(like most of us here on TF) so that vista can run smoothly. The average joe does go to walmart and gets the $499 pc with very minimal specs and guess what....Vista is slow as H..L!
I've been using Vista Ultimate for 2 months now and it's ok. I don't see much of a difference over XP that's for sure. Oh wait,...yes....it's prettier...LOL.

Anyway, I don't recommend vista if you are buying a pc with 1g of ram or less.
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

I love vista, never had any major problems with it. Gonna get more RAM though its using 43&#37; right now, and I dont want to see it over 60% hehe. Gaming usually goes as high as 80% with the highest quality graphics and stuff.
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Default Re: Just curious...Vista

Originally Posted by nu2duo View Post
The problem with vista IMO is the fact that you must have a pc with really good specs
not really, running it on my athlon 3800+, 2GB DDR, Radeon X550 :d

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