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Default I'm so confussed! Please help me with my computer purchase


Well, I'm a first time poster but I've been scanning this forum for at least 20 hours over the past couple of days. Sure is good reading!! I've also read a ton of magazines regarding computers. The more I see the more I become confused regarding choosing a computer. Here's a little background regarding my situation.

I'm 37 and just left a great job in the newspaper industry as an Account Manager. The job came with a Compaq Evo lap top computer. It was ok for what I needed it for. I believe it was an Evo 610. It was 3 years old. I used it for e-mails and web surfing along with using powerpoint for presentations.

Considering I do not have that computer any more, I'm in the market for a replacement. Desktop or Laptop?

I'm currently using an e- machines desk top that's about 8 years old! It does the basic and that's about it. Really not worth upgrading. I also really want to future proof the computer as much as possible with out being stupid about it.

I do not have a budget, but I don't want to chase technology either based on what I've learned here. I do not need the latest or greatest! An example of this would be the FX 60 chip set! If a AMD 3200 does what I need than I'll be thrilled to save the extra grand. The same goes for the hard drive and such. I really care about image quality!!!

Not having a limited budget kind of makes things harder. As you guys/gals know, one can ring up a $6,000 tap very easily on any of these custom computer sites.

I've been on all of them: Velosity Micro, ABS, Alienware,Tiger Direct,Dell, HP,Monarch, E-Machines,Ibuypower you get the point. I've also gone to the main retailers like best buy and Comp USA.

One thing for sure is I do not want to put this together myself. I'll pay the extra money to have a well tested and proven product. That's why I am leading toward Monarch but their site is so confusing!! Micro Velosity also has some great products or so I think?

The main purpose of this computer will be searching the internet for job openings, updating my resume using word perfect and going to my Fidelity account to hopefully make some money trading stocks while I'm not working. I also love to go on forums like these to learn what to do and what to steer clear of.

I'm a car buff so I go to these type of forums all the time. I can give you all the info you need about buying a car but this computer thing is driving me nuts. It's also driving my gal nuts!!

What's more challenging is the fact that not all computer parts are the same!! Example: Good mother board vs junk. I had no idea!

Based on what I just presented it seems that any basic e-machine, dell would fit the bill. Or would it?

The problem is that I know once I get into the computer home, I'm going to want to do a **** Of A Lot More.

I just recently went to a Best Buy and Comp USA. I was amazed over all the programs available now a days. I really had no clue. I read the boxes for the computer requirments and it seems that any basic computer will work. Of course they listed the minium requirments.

One thing I know I want is a Large Screen. I'm in love with that dell 24 incher. My theory is if I'm getting a desk top it might as well have a large screen or I may as well get a 17 inch lap top. Does a lap top like the top of the line Seagar make more sense?

From what I can figure, the 24 inch screen really needs to be supported by a top tier system. I also know that I want to use the DVI connection. Than I find out that not all programs can support a 24 inch screen or SLI for that matter.

Some people say go duel core some say it's not needed. Some say Sli and some say not needed. I believe I would only put one card in the SLI board if I did go that route.

I think I'm going to go the AMD route based on all I've read but they don't support ddr2 at this time? Then I read a new 7900 graphics card is coming out and I should wait but I really need this computer in the next couple of weeks. Then there is the water cooled type of system along with over clocking which I would have no idea how to do.

You get my point. I also see that Velosity Micro doesn't charge tax to NJ residents. That's a plus!

I really need your help! I don't want to make a $$$$ mistake. For example I've read that Ibuypwer might have good prices but the're cheap for a reason! I also read that I should get XP pro and not the home edition because it's more stable?

Here's what I need.

A good computer, big screen monitor that supports DVI, a color printer, and good speakers. I really appriecate good sound quality but is a sound card really needed. Here I go again

Thank you so very much for reading this long but important post.

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ok well are you gonna be "gaming" alot?

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that is one long post
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yeah whats your budget and you could build a desktop alot cheaper than buying it too
AMD 3200
2x512 coasair valueselect
eVGA 6800gs
MSI Neo4-f
Anec true power 480 watts

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Well, from what I see, your system needs are very minimal.
You aren't gaming, video editting or doing anything intensive. You're word processing, surfing the web and basic stuff.

AMD 3800+ Dual Core CPU - $330
MSI Neo Plat 4 Mobo - $115
1 GIG Corsair Value Select - $90
80G Seagate Serial ATA (OS & Applications) - $65
250G Seagate Serial ATA (Additional Storage & Swap File) - $100
NEC Multidrive DVD/CD Burner - $40
Mitsumi 8 in 1 Floppy/Card reader - $21
Antec P180 Case - $125
Antec 400w Smart Power PSU - $50
eVGA 6800GS - $195
Audigy 2 ZS or x-fi xtrememusic - $80 - $115
Windows XP Pro OEM - $145

Dell 24" Monitor - $900
Logitech Z5500 speakers - $270

That's about $2650 with Shipping & Handling

This would be more then you'd need... But would be one heck of a computer for you.
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Thank you for your responses. I had to go out for a couple of hours.

Thank you Havoc2K5 for your suggestions!

You're one of the people here that are so helpful to us newbies!

As I mentioned in my post, I may not be gaming this very minute but I'm sure that the bug will hit me. If or when it does, I don't want to be stuck with a lame system.

Is it true that games won't work using the 2 core chip, or that SLI is going to be a problem with this wide screen monitor?

I only made my first post long because I figured I'd give as much info as possible.

I didn't want to buy a top grade large monitor and pair it with something that isn't ideal with the computer

Any suggestions on where to buy this stuff?

I find it kind of rude just asking what do I need and what should I buy.

Is what Havoc2k5 mentions semi-future proof for the most part.

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Originally posted by SomeIranianKid
yeah whats your budget and you could build a desktop alot cheaper than buying it too
I have no budget. I just don't want to get ripped off or buy a poor quality system. From what I see on Monarch, the cost for them to put the system together for me is less than $100. I don't consider that much cheaper than buliding it myself. Am I missing something?

I could easily go to alienware and buy the top of the line system and not look back but isn't that throwing money away? That's what I've read here. I don't like throwing money away.

If I was buying a car for example, I would get the zo6 corvette, M series BMW or AMG mercedes. Why? Because I love the added performance these cars offer over the regular models.

As the computer goes, how much is too much? I've read that most of the higher end stuff isn't even really need at this time. I really don't care that some computer scored so and so on a performance test!

One could say the same thing about these high powered cars on a 55MPH road but I race at the track so I would use the added performance at least some of the time.

Thanks again
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ya hav's system is future proof for what u need and games in the future will use dualcore as well as more cores like quads. u might not need the audio card if ur not a sound freak since mobo's (motherboards) support decent audio.
also if ur planning on getting the new windows OS vista u might want to upgrade ur mem to 2GB but 1GB is enough for now.

btw im planning on buying a mitsubishi eclipse soon so if ur a car guy i'll Pm u. im a car guy too but just basic stuff


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I say you should get a skt 939 mobo with a skt 939 3500+ amd or something along the lines of that with a gig or 2 of ram doesn't matter since you will only be using basic stuff
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yeah.. i believe that havoc also builds pcs for people ..... but yeah that rig will handle gaming .. for now and what not but yeah pretty solid build......i got rigged for the alienware but ... you have to lovethat case


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