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Default Re: I need a new beast PC for gaming+frapsing content.

Originally Posted by NCHardwareReviews View Post
8 to 10 gb of usuage! What are u doing? I have never used over 4gb.

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Default Re: I need a new beast PC for gaming+frapsing content.

850w psu for a single gpu system is overkill. A system with 4 7970's touches about 900w peak load.

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Default Re: I need a new beast PC for gaming+frapsing content.

Not sure if you already purchased, but going off your pseudo list I'd consider:

CPU: 171 Intel i5 2500K
MB: 123.50 MSI Z68A-GD55 (G3)
HDD: 90 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3
RAM: 73.25 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600/CAS9
GPU: 245 MSI GTX 560Ti 448 Core Twin Frozr III/OC
PSU: 80.50 Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775W
OS: 71 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit OEM

Total = 854.25

Other options, considering the ~700 budget:
CPU: 97 AMD 960T
Cooler: 27.50 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
MB: 96 Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
HDD: 66 500GB WD Caviar Blue
RAM: 37 8GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600/CAS9
GPU: 220 XFX HD 6950

Total = 695

*Edit - Forgot the stock 960T cooler is junk, added 212 Evo.
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Default Re: I need a new beast PC for gaming+frapsing content.

if you want to use fraps, make sure you have a dedicated drive for footage.
any drive will work better than saving footage to your OS/Program drive.
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Originally Posted by KpCollins:1953635
16 is definatly overkill, If you can find anything that requires or reccomends even 8gb let me know.

As for the PSU and the GPU, I have the PSU right now and the GPU is coming tomoz. The PSU has served me with SLI GTX 275's Superclocked ( Before my Mobo upgrade which made me lose interest in Nvidia's as per their Licencing **** ) and other power consuming ****e.

Why go for Intel Chip? Sure they can go slightly faster overclocked but again its overkill. My current chip is running at stock 3.2 x4 which is more than enough for any game even dreamt of yet and at a m

uch lower price. Besides AMD beat intel to the 1ghz mark and the dual core mark. They will sureley beat them to the next avancement leaving intel to catch up again. I prefer AMD for this. But this is your choice.
at the end of the day AMD / ATI are now one company so what ever anyone says logik dictates that a full AMD Chipset will work in harmony better than any other.

As that being said the last Intel chip I had was a Celeron Single Core 3Ghz so i know little about those.

Things i do know if that 16gb ram is overkill even 8gb is for now. The PSU you have is an excellent one and the GPu from what ive read is an awsome one too which ill find out tomoz or today in that matter.

The chip however.. Im an AMD fanboy because they got there first and intel caught up. I only settle for gold not silver.
There's fanboyism, and there's nonsense. Like any past achievements made by AMD have a effect on the current competition between the two. A competition that AMD is MILES behind in.

The next major achievement by AMD will be accepting they're inability to compete with Intel, and hopefully transferring more attention to graphics cards. Atleast those products are still worthwhile.

That said, dont waste your money on 16gb of Ram.
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Default Re: I need a new beast PC for gaming+frapsing content.

At least AMD gives competition on some level, if their wasn't any competition at all, processors like the 2500k would be in another price bracket.

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