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Old 06-23-2006, 01:15 AM   #101 (permalink)
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For my money, i throw myself in front of cars. It's not very glamorous but hey somebody has to do it. Now i have the world's largest collection of neck braces, and now collect $4,500 a week in compensation from the government and workers union.

(So things mentioned in this post may not be real or even fictional, but yet with court cases impending)

Grandpa Joe

There are only Two things in life i regret doing... 1. Selling my Soul for Cash.... 2. Buying a Compaq.... I should have kept the Cash, huh.
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i budjet

i know how much beer i roughly drink a week
i know roughly how much i make in 2 weeks (**** fricken 2 week pay checks)

though...i still live at home :À..

off note:
why is Vista giving me a A with a single quote on top for the pipe key
and why the double quotes do i get a E with a single quote on top

anyway, A.D.D. there

1 check goes to the savings, 1 check goes to the checking and if i donèt use up the checking check, it goes into the savings and onto the next one

[110.7896] Getting up from chair
[112.8798] Walking to fridge
[118.5234] Opening Fridge
[119.1439] CntdwnToExtn panic - no beer: Fridge empty!

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IF you want money so bad go rob a BANK
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Originally posted by BennyV04988
I'm too lazy to bring food though, so i buy it. = ouch
Man... I used to do that too... Fast food EVERY day, and a couple 20 oz bottles of pop ($1.25 each) at work... then I gained about 60 pounds... lol... NOW, I bring lunch NEARLY every day, and it saves me a TON of money. Also, I have gone from pop to water... $5 for a 35 pack of 1/2 liter bottles from Costco. All about managing your money. I do fast food once every two or three weeks... ALWAYS Culver's... Culver's Butterburgers are the BEST!
Gaming Laptop: - ASUS K501LX-EB71 - Stock (Wife's) - Gateway P-6860FX - Stock (Mine)
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Originally posted by Dante_Caligari
I cracked a bargain with my dad. He agreed to buy it for me if:
a) I got a C average in school
b) I keep my room clean and help my mother
c) I do exactly what he wants me to do on the farm at the exact second he says it.

Yeah, I know I have basically sold myself into slavery...or...something. It's worth it. A 1000$ setup...certainly!
YOU GET PAID TO DO THAT?!?!?!?!?! dude WTF!

I just HAVE to keep an A average, and am proud that i do

i have to keep my rom clean

and i do what they say, maybe not the exact second but eventually, and i DONT get paid at all, or bought a computer. either im being screwed, or ur parents have low standards for u.
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look guys.. im 14 and get about $40 a week for allowance .... and i have an awesome gaming computer... in about a month i would save up to $160!!! and i am not rich either, just spoiled

I spend everydime on my computer, i never buy clothing etc. cause my parents buy all that stuff for many anywho.

A few years ago i didnt even know wat ram was... its amazing how u can get addicted to something so fast, then learn EVERYTHING about it.

Looking back on buying prebuilt systems from dell, i wish i didnt cause i coulda got me a pretty good tv with the money i had left over

I am kinda gettin tired of games... i play them so much, and my parents hate em, so in the long run, by the time i become 18, i will prolly stop the addiction
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yeah, same here, just last late january, i didnt know what the motherboard did, and im proud to say, that i took 2 online A+ practice tests and got 16/20 without ever touching a book. most, if not all of my knowledge came from this forum, thanx ALOT guys, special thanx to: nitestick, gaara, nubius, Flanker (R.I.P.), Havok, and if i missed any1, you know who you are. im just a lil drunk right now, and thats off the top of my head.

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