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Originally posted by theshonen8899
Do you REALLY need 650 watts of psu? As they've mentioned before, 4 gig RAM is even slower than 2 gigs, which is why most people would just buy 2 gigs with heatsinks... I don't think your sig understand there's no such thing as a "P4 Duel Core" processor, duel cored intel processors are labeled "Intel Pentium D" and I won't even go into how much everybody hates intel.

So the P4 is going to duel the Pentium D? I can't wait for the match, how do I get tickets, when is it?

It's dual core, just a friendly reminder.

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okay so my termi noligy may not b correct! but ask me if i care!!!:P

okay! i shall correct my sig 2moz!i shall put a pentium d instead of saying what i have done!

an i feel tht i have th 650wt psu cuz th power is there if i need it!

why are AMD's beter thn intels newys??


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and goin back 2 th hole thig of droppin 2 gig on it!

i shall do this and put the other 2 gig either in my mates pc that i am building for him, or it can go 4 sale!any intrest atall??

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Me and my friend's server doesn't even have 650 watts. AMD > Intel by law, but if you want the detailed specifications I'm sure 10 people will pop in with it. I'd sell the 2 gigs if I were you, unless that friend is worth 100+ bucks.
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Can a mod kill this thread after these boys search the forums for AMD versus intel threads? Google perhaps?


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Default Curiosity up on 4GB ram

Alright curiosity's killing me why is 4 GB ram a waste? Is it because of the particular componants used in the system, i.e. what he has is not designed to support it? I'm new to building upgrading modding etc, and would appreciate the knowledge.
Especially since my AMD (yes young friend ALWAYS AMD). base
machine that I just built was about to receive its final 2GB addition

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Yea, a mod needs to kill this thread, it shouldn't have started in the first place.
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Originally posted by wiggy
okay thnx for that! can yew post a messge as 2 wen it actually comes out? cuz i will not be payin attention 2 as wat is in th shops at a certain time!

dude..if u want this card, u should pay attention to it...
and pls do some research before u post all the stuff..seems like u have no clue about anything.
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right ive had enough!lol

can we hav a modderator kill tis thread??

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i don't care if the mod kill this thread i am going to kill you computer, you're not build a computer you're just wasting money for your first experience on a computer just look at it, if you done your homework you should've known amd is much better than intel, don't trust me and many people in this thread just google it and look at some of the millions of test results, bought an intel then switch to pentium D = wast of money, 6600 video card = a piece of crap for a performance machine. and don't you even think about buying a new 7800 gtx or 1900 xtx, if you have that much money to spend, GET YOUR SELF A NEW AMD MACHINE, and please do your homework first.

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