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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

That Zalman should get you to 3.2Ghz fairly easy.

There isnt a high chance of it dying, at least no more than any other manufacturer.

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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

This cooler is cheaper and better than the zalman.

Newegg.com - Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler W/TX-2 - CPU Fans & Heatsinks
Newegg.com - Sunbeam CR-LGA1366 LGA 1366 Core I7 Retention Bracket - CPU Fans & Heatsinks


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Running on empty.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

I haven't had too much grief with Asus,

and with a $400 board i don't see it dieing anytime within the plausible future

also, the Zalman was just a base point, I know there are other coolers that perform great.
Not to say that the Zalman won't.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

Price has nothing to do with a board dieing. Boards die because components fail which has to do either with quality control or just simply bad luck.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

I had a ASUS board fail on my about two yrs ago and I called and waited on hold about 20 min then finally talked with someone and got a RMA# and I sent it in, about 2 weeks later I got a box with a brand new MB. A bit of a hassle but they pulled through in this case.

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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

Ok, thanks everyone for all the information. Sorry about me not replying. I got a bit lazy.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

Originally Posted by veedubfreak View Post
Person. I get annoyed when people call others "stupid" for a purchase. No one pitches a fit at the guy driving a porsche around when he could have bought a VW or Audi instead. If i, or whoever else, chooses to buy THE BEST and can afford it, who is to say that its a "stupid" purchase.
Where did I say, "PEOPLE ARE STUPID". I didn't. I said, "It's absolutely stupid".

As in, "The spending of 3000 to 5000+ on some (super computer) that makes for nice specs in a sig."

My point was that spending insane amounts of money on a PC so you can get 150FPS in games is silly. That's my opinion. If your opinion is different, so be it. You are entitled to yours and i'm entitled to mine.

The fact still remains that you don't need to spend that kind of money on a uber leet PC just to play games. It's a total waste of money.

Like it or not. It's a fact.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

i totally see your point havoc. but, the fact is that it being a "total waste of money" is totally subjective. some people have more money to spend. a guy who makes 250,000/yr spending 5000 on a PC is like a guy who makes 25,000/yr spending 500 on a Best Buy Dell. its really relative to how much money you have (and what things/activities interest you).
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

I look at it as a hobby. Many hobbies can be very expensive. My mom collects beanie babies. To me it is ridiculous how much money she has spent on that crap but she loves it and it is what makes her happy. My father in law collects trains and probably has $100,000 in model train gear. Is that a good way to spend 100k? Not to me but it is to him.

Needless to say to each his own and it is not fair for anyone to look down on what someone else chooses to do unless it is detrimental to yourself.
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Default Re: High-End Gaming Computer Rig - NO BUDGET

It didn't say much about this on the motherboard page so thats why I'm asking here. Would I be able to have a sound card as well as the 2-way SLI with the 295s?

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