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Originally posted by Mister_Meow
I think currently SLI isn't what it could be. But I do believe that as the software continues to demand more and more from video cards that its going to come to a point where 2 graphics cards will be a huge benefit, IMO. I'm trying to build a pc that maybe right now has some features aren't a huge benefit but in a 2 years it could be. I can't afford to buy a new computer every 2 years, nor do I want to. I'm hoping that by paying a bit more now for features like SLI that I'll be able to add another card in a couple years and keep my computer up to par for another year or so. The graphics card I buy now isn't going to be near what its going to cost in a couple years so I'll get a cheap performance gain at that time. At least this is what I'm hoping for....
yea but in two years the card you have bought now will more then likley be ****, so getting another one wouldnt help much at all

so in two years just buy a new video card

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Meithan, that is a great build for that price, even got 2 120mm fans in that case....great deal.

I also think SLI will be a nice upgrade for the future, but mainly if you like high resolution gaming with lots of AA.....other wise it is not needed.

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It was mostly based on Mister_Meow's suggestions, specially the case.

It is a great build indeed. To be honest with you, it's close to my ideal build; I wouldn't need anything more (well, it's lacking the monitor, I/O devices and speakers, so it's not complete).

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Meithan, I like your changes to the list. Especially the power supply. One thing you left out is a copy of XP but luckily I was able to find my old disk so I don't need it afterall. I do have a question though and its prob a dumb one, but how would a 7950 GT compare against a 8800gts? If the 8800 is that much better since I'm gonna be paying that much for a graphics card is the differnce between the 8800GTS and GTX worth the extra cash?
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Sorry about the XP copy; I usually don't include it because I assume the person already has one. I'm glad you found your old CD.

About the video card question: the 8800GTS is significantly more powerful than a 7950GT. Here's a graph comparing the latest video cards in the market. The 8800GTS and 7950GT are in blue:

Video Card comparison at Tom's Hardware

It's a 3Dmark06 benchmark at 1280x1024 with high quality settings (a typical configuration for games). The results are as follows (and I also included the Newegg retail prices):

8800GTS: 2808 ($410, eVGA Superclocked)
7950GT: 1493 ($215, eVGA)

That's a 88.15% increase in benchmark score. If you compare the prices, you see the 8800GTS is 90.7% more expensive (ie: almost double). However the price increase closely matches the performance increase, so it seems those extra $ aren't wasted.

Conclusion: it seems the price of the 8800GTS is well justified, at least against a 7950GT: you get what you pay for.

You may be wondering if the same happens in real life, since 3Dmark06 score is synthetic and might not reflect game performance, for instance. Following the link above you can change the benchmark to a game benchmark. With Oblivion at 1024x768 you get this. You can see that the 8800GTS indeed delivers a lot more FPS than a 7950GT when stressed.

I should point out that it's not always like this. When the game is not very demanding, both cards will perform similarly. See it here.

So ultimately it's not about whether the 8800GTS is worth its price tag (because it is in my opinion); the question is whether your budget can afford it. The 7950GT is still a good card; games are perfectly playable with it (with mid to high graphics quality). The 8800GTS will just allow to max those graphics settings and will last longer (specially since it has DX10 support).


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