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Default help me build my new pc plz

ok u see i built a gameing pc (i didnt have a job so i did wat fit my budget)
intel d915gag mobo
ip4 3.0 HT 775
512 ram 333mhz
no video card
400watt antec true power supply

you see heres the thing
it runs good i love it but it sucks personally

i just got a job 2day (i had an orientation i am a cashier at shaws) 11/3/06

so that means i will have some spending money and i want to make a gaming rig that will last like 7+ years
run WoW at high settings or mid settings
and well have no problems with it

i have always used intel and now i want to try and go for AMD

you see heres the thing i go over to these lan party things ALL THE WAY OUT in MASS and they all have cool looking cases and mobos look so cool with the colors they dun have that many wires all over the place and they all run AMD athlon 64 erm

idk much about that amdv intel and video card crap but i do understand ram

you see wat i want to do is
build a brand new pc
with a cool looking case (with alot of fans)
cool looking mobo
must be fast
work on my tv not a monitor thats right a TV

ok well i like fan cooling and i will not use water so wat that means is i would love to get a big case and put alot of fans into it and have 1 or 2 of those fan controller thingy mababy i prefer 2 of them (i will have a more cool feeling wen i have 2 of them and i have to twist all these knobs to get the fans running hehe idk i just like it
and powersupply must be able to power all this
for a video card idk suprise me
the processor amd ath 64 (i prefer it to have a cool looking cooler for it like the big typhoon my 775 uses lol its so cool)
my budget is like i get
$130 a week
-$200 for the gokart money my brother lent me
theres 2 weeks down the drain ahh wat else o yea
xmas theres like $300 so basically i got like this much to spend on all this stuff b/c the way i look at it all i got 2 months hehe yea thats right 2 months
if u post any thing plz have a link to were to buy it and a pic hehe
o yea all the modding and w/n must be all on (so i can have it all being shipped to me from ONE place)
and o yea did i mentchon i would like some lights in my case to like dance to the music hehe o yea and a temp gauge type reader thinga mababy
so heres my spending
$100-220 on a case (remember cool looking)
$100-150 on a processor
100-260 on a video card and now remember guys i am making a WHOLE NEW PC so that means i will need a hard drive and ram and a power supply (i got a windows cd key thingy keyboard and mouse)
and those prices i can add a lil because wat i want to do is buy all my modding gear from frozen cpu and all my pc parts from like lets say tiger direct.
so wat ill do is lets say i buy my pc case for $150 ill add that to my list but not buy it yet until i have EVERYTHING so it can be shipped all at once hehe i will have tons of fun wen i see all them boxes at my door step hehe but um lets start from the case mobo processor hd ram video card and then the little mods
if u have any questions or ANYTHING AT ALL plz post lol ouch my fingys hurt now ok thx guy cya

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Uhhhh, my head hurts. Do you talk like you type? What is your total budget?

AMD64 X2 4400+
DFI Lanparty Ultra-D
2GB Kingston Hyper-X (2-3-2-6)
TT Big Typhoon
eVGA 7900GT KO Superclocked (650/1650)
250GB Maxtor DiamondMax SATA2 HDD
Hiper Type-R 580W SLi PSU
19" Sony Trinitron CRT
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yes yes i do type wat i think my budget well u see if i have to put like an extra something dollars towards something ill do i i would prefer to spend like no more then $600.00 but like ill go more if i have to but remember i make $130 a week so like uhh yea
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7 years on a $260 gfx card?
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Originally posted by magouster
Uhhhh, my head hurts. Do you talk like you type?
lmao thinking the EXACT same thing. wheres the advil

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were going to have yo start a club.. the hitm4n666 headache club... im in!

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ummm ok u guys arent helping me i need to know wat do u think i should get
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cmon guys, this is easy! budget preformance good lookin cheap fast build. lol, total = 600, 130 a week, so the longer you wait, the better it gets. and might you consider you can do the same for them, get ur money ready, put all of the stuff in the cart, and buy everything at once. but before i start searching on newegg, are u ok with stuff coming from newegg? they got awsome support.

o yea, one last thing, for 600 it isnt gonna last very long(keeping up to date) so your gonna have to throw some upgrades at it. my idea:

case: full atx, (your fav color)
mobo: dfi lanparty, or something thats good with an am2 socket
ram: 2 or more gb
video: 7900GT until the G80 comes out
lights: lights that compliment case color
fans: depends on what case can take
fan controllers: 2 5.25 or 2 3.5 if the case has the places
PS: 600w or more
Proc: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400(this will take u under price wize wize)
cpu coolin:somethin flashy, that gets it done:
HDD: 1 320gb or if u want to, 2 250gb in raid for 500gb
Optical: dvd burner
Optical2: Cd burner

that sound good to ya?

just read your first post again, and you sound like my old science teacher like 5 min before he gave us an uber hard quiz
Listen to my music! and random/funny videos XD
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:D-----v Just pwnt my cpu, 900mhz OC v-----:D
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hey thx for the help man is this bundle any good??
i also want to put this on the processor
idk wat happened to the old one but erm i guess this 1 is good 2

will this ram work on the mobo??

and after this idk wat to get for video card or hard drive and w/e else im missing
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oooooooooooooooo yea i like that board but if i were going to get it wat kinda graphics card would i need also??

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