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I've been in these tech forums for about a year. If I had a dime for ever thread that was made about "Help me build a computer" I think i'd be retired at age 30.

I'm sorry to all those that I offend but, i'm just not helping in this department anymore unless people start posting their components like this:

ASUS A8N32 SLI-DELUXE - $225.00
AMD OPTERON 175 - $515


Clicking on every link to find out what it is, is annoying.

Sorry for the rant guys...

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Wow dude. That first power supply you linked to is probably the worst one newegg carries. Powmax is one of the brands you should avoid at all costs. If you read the reviews of it, 3/4 of the people are complaining of the power supply popping or failing after several weeks with a nasty burning smell. And ROFL at that case. I didn't even know they made $14 cases!! Read the reviews of it! The people say that the case is packaged in a way that causes it to be guaranteed broken when it arrives at your doorstep, and one guy says it feels as if it's made of tin foil! This has to be a joke.

so, umm, err yeah
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Originally posted by mgoldb2
hehe lecturing someone about not knowing something then making a statement like this. SLI dont support mutiple monitors(they might of added support in the newist driver) and I am not sure about cross fire. either way neither are ment for muti-monitors.
Sorry, from reviews I have read on SLI & crossfire cards, I was under the impression that they were used for high res. multi-monitor apps. I did a search to find for info, and found that that SLI is infact for single monitor use at this time. Thanks for settin me straight.
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7. What happens when your CrossFire Edition card and and a compatible standard Radeon (CrossFire Ready) graphics card have different clock speeds?

A. Both cards will continue to operate at their individual clock speeds.
The XTX card will still run at its regular speeds, even in crossfire.

If you really want to spend $600 on hard drives, go ahead, but you wont really see an increase in performace by having everything on the Raptors. The only things that benefit from having the 10k RPM drives are the OS, games, and programs. If you put your music, files, etc. on the 7200RPM drive, you will be just fine.

The FX-60 as i said is horribly overpriced. You pay $400 for 200MHz over the X2 4800, which overclocking can easily fix.
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Exactly what Vybuni said.

Get a 74GB 10,000RPM HD for gaming, intensive apps and your OS

Then get a nicely sized HD of 7200RPM for movies, files, photos, music, ect.

If you don't plan on storing alot of movies, files, photos or music then save your cash and don't buy a "storage" HD. However, once your 10,000 RPM HD reaches around 80% full, you may encounter a sharp performance drop.
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Take it easy on our new friend! Why would any one tell him to research, That's what he's doing! DUHH

I'm also Going to build a high end PC, This is what I found out in the past 2 months of research................

I see you are only looking at the wattage on the PSU, You have to look at the amps at +12 volts, you will want at least 30 amps at +12 volts, If the PSU has dual rails you simply add 12volts(1) 15amps and 12volts(2) 15amps together to get 30amps. You can get a good PSU for $100-$200.

You really only need 1 fast hard drive(36-150GBs) and 1 slow storage hard drive(250-400GBs. If you want the fastest/best hard drive, You will want to get a 15000rpm SCSI but you need a SCSI pci/e card to use it. You can get 1 for under $200 without the card. I think you can get a SCSI card for about $150. Supposedly The raptors will be fast enough and the 15,000rpm HDD's are overkill unless you put them in a server.

I would recommend you get only 1 x1900xtx, Then in 6 months upgrade to the R600 or G80, They should be faster/better than 2x x1900xtx's and 2x 7900gtx's. (That's why crossfire and SLI is a wast of money) then in 6 more months you can upgrade again, Repeat this cycle forever............

If you decide not to go with Crossfire you should consider the DFI Lanparty Ultra-D It is one of the best non SLI/Crossfire motherboards available.

Good luck
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Originally posted by helpmebuildpc
ok well i just finished watching a movie, seems like thers been a lot of replies since I left. umm ok my budget is not in stone, but i was thinking around $5000 or so. ok so i see that you all think the power supply is bad. please dont mind me asking, but why would it be so bad? like i said i am trying to save money whereever i can because as you probably noticed, this is pretty expensive. i liked it because its cheap, lots of power, it looks cool and it has 4 eggs. is there anything that makes it THAT bad? i mean if you really think i should spend practically 5x the price and get another one i guess i will, but is really needed? im not so sure il be overclocking, but i donno, i might. dont no really anything about it. what is the real difference between that ram? i mean double the price just seems like a big jump and it has basicly very similar specs as the cheaper ram. ok ok, so is this power supply good:
its just very hard for me to accept how **** expesive it is.
and i see wut the raptor is. does it only come in 74gb, thats a little small. oh wait nvm i see 150gb on
thats still pretty **** expensive, and i woudl probably need 2 of them because i have more than 150gb. and i have no idea whats a good case, please find one for me. and i will be getting that dfi main board somebody posted here earlier. for the sound card i need to get at least the fata1ity because it is the first one with the X-RAM.
lol... I'll tell you why that power supply sucks. It says 580 watts but it probaly runs at 200 watts at the most. That thing would kill your whole $5000 system in a second. You think it's $30 for a reason? Come on use some common sense.

I also suggest going to and buying your parts there and then paying a little extra to have them build it for you. Seriously if I was you I wouldn't trust myself to build a $5000 system.
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Agreed...get alienware to do that shiit not yourself considering how much you alreardy know you would probably ruin it...seriosuly Im not trying to flame you or anything but you building a 5,000 dollar system is like putting a 8 year old at the wheel of a 18 wheeler on a 5 way highway... so yeah buy your ALX from alienware and conifure it there....God your so lucky....grr..
I wish I had my Computer...:(
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Originally posted by Unknown Envy
seriosuly Im not trying to flame you or anything but you building a 5,000 dollar system is like putting a 8 year old at the wheel of a 18 wheeler on a 5 way highway...
Omfg... I hate to post off-topic like this... but... wow, I am laughing so hard right now.

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.................................................. ........................................
If you are just going to say **** like that, then just dont post.

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