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Old 08-25-2005, 05:24 PM   #11 (permalink)
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EDIT: its only 330 dollar son newegg, the shuttle monitors are the most expensive

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Why a dual xeon system? Xeons are the vegetable processor now that AMD released its Opterons. Check out the opterons!!

Graphics work calls for the AMD Athlon 64 FX brand of processors. They're DESIGNED for heavycore multimedia and digital design. They come in both socket 939 and 940 flavours, and pack a punch too. I definatly reccomend the FX over any Intel anyday.

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yeah, the Opterons shred the Xeons.
a 200 series Opteron will really beat 2 Xeons (they can do 2 tasks at a time by themselves)
or, an 800 series Opteron (which can process 8 tasks at a time by itself) will not only run circles around the Xeons, but will leave wake turbulence that will rip all the parts out of it.
not only that, but now they have dual core versions of these beasts!
it is possible to get a quad motherboard so you can get 4 of them too. 4 dual core 800 series Opterons = 64 threads at a time. a dual Xeon system will be snapped like a twig under the power of them.

the downsides: they have to use ECC RAM. it's a little bit bit slower (more than made up by the raw CPU power), but more stable. there are not a lot of motherboards that support the 800 series Opterons, and when you start getting into multi 800 series Opterons, they can end up costing more than $10,000.
if you can find a motherboard that has AGP, supports a single 800 series Opteron, I'd go for something like an 844 or 846 series Opteron (the 846 is $596 at without a cooler) then that'll givce you much more than the dual Xeons.

although the 200 series Opterons are not extremely expensive.
for $206, this is a dual socket 940 motherboard that has AGP, and supports the 200 series Opterons.
that, with 2 Opteron 248's for $327 each ($654) will give you much more than the dual Xeons
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Ok let me inject my intel fanboy trash. lol

Well you should look into an Intel Extreme Edt, before you dedicate yourself to AMD.

(Dual Core, 3.2ghz each, 2x1mb L2 Cache, HT support, 64-Bit support, you can run 4 threads total at once)
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Old 08-28-2005, 01:01 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Ok let me inject my intel fanboy trash
Well put, my friend.

Don't listen to him, for multimedia get the Athlon 64 FX series, you don't need the Opteron unless you are hosting a server that runs multiple applications at a time (hence the 8 thread capacity). I'm not thrashing the Opteron, I love it, but it doesn't fit correctly with what he needs a computer for.

Athlon 64 FX s939 is the best solution to go for, ClawHammer cores are great for tackling heavycore photoshoppers and animators.
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am i the only person who noticed this thread was started like 2 years ago so none of the prices last, damn he could of built that systme then and almost ready to build a new one. let this thread die ppl
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Ive got dual xeons in my system, and it runs like a champ. There may be better processors out there, but I cant complain about mine.

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